I Liked Sunken Temple!

Apparently Sunken Temple is getting the top level (or levels?) shaved off. I can’t help but find that disappointing. It was one of the bigger dungeons out there and a lot of fun to storm through.

I can see it being too long of a commitment for most people doing PUGs, but that’s just too bad for them!


Are they going to chop up the other big dungeons too?

5 thoughts on “I Liked Sunken Temple!

  1. They’re adding teleporters to BFD (which won’t make it any more confusing AT ALL, I’m sure), giving all of the bosses in Wailing Caverns their own room and streamlining it a bit (which actually could be a good thing), and I think some changes to a couple others that have also been announced.

    Not that I’m watching for Cataclysm or anything, but yeah I used to enjoy the epic depths of ST too. 🙂 Like everything else in WoW they seem to be bringing it down to the lowest common denominator level for the PUGs. Meh.

  2. Well, they didn’t even have to chop it up for Dungeon Finder. If you went into it via DF, you got your goody bag for killing a small subset of bosses.

    ST wasn’t so bad. Chopping up Wailing Caverns and making Mara essentially two dungeons though though, roll on Blizz.

  3. I don’t know, if you look at the dungeon design from vanilla WoW to Wrath, you can see how Blizz has made them easier and not nearly as complex. It just seems that raiding these days is about completing the instance as quickly as possible for the gear or emblems.

  4. Dungeons in WoW (for the most part) have been linear. It’s something I never really liked about WoW. It is sad to see they’re continuing with this and, worse, making it even more so.

    BFD was fine the way it was.
    Wailing Caverns was fine the way it was.
    Maraudon was fine the way it was.

    While I do enjoy some of the dungeons in WotLK, most were pretty linear. Some of my favorites weren’t and rewarded people for going off road with some bosses.

    (Old Kingdom, Gun’drak, Halls of Stone to name a few)

  5. I agree. A lot of good is about to be introduced with WotLK. Unfortunately, the dungeons and the gear system Tx,T(x+1), will not be changed, but even made worse. I understand the need for homogenized dungeons for the DF. But please add a few interesting, too.

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