Quest Funnels

That’s right, the new-old world zones act as funnels, or maybe pipes? You really do get lead around a little better, things are smooth and quick. Definitely leaning more towards getting things done quickly and not having any users confused about where to go to level.

Okay, so I was confused with my Rogue. I was in the upper levels of old world content when the world flipped and I wasn’t sure where to go. I also didn’t really like my spec so I flipped back to Combat spec. I then went to Stormwind and saw this Hero Board had a quest. I clicked on it and it was telling me to go to Burning Steppes.


So off I went and sure enough, it was suitable level content!

Easy made easier.

I cranked out a bunch of quests, and I mean a bunch, in a really short time. It also netted me about 4 levels. There is still another quest that needs to be done, but I really enjoyed the last one which involved riding on the back of a dragon and cooking the forces of orcs, trolls and ogres (/cry) who were massing to attack Redridge.

Pretty cool.

The quests lead me around the zone easily enough and even made getting the achievement for questing in that zone an easy achievement. Not much of an achievement, I guess. Ah well, I did enjoy it and that’s what counts!

I picked up a companion pet too, so I’m going to want to run Smaken through that zone eventually. I figured once he’s 85 and not really able to do too much, I’ll do that for a break or while waiting on the DF to pop. “That” being run through the older zones. Not because I have to, but because I want to.


Ding! Another 80!

This one is a Mage. It took me a long time to do this. Fact is, this one benefited from RAF bonus levels to just about 60 then I parked it for awhile.  A month or two ago I dusted it off and gave it a go. Then stalled for a month… last week sometime, I finished out levels 77-80 then promptly respec’ed to Arcane.

The Mage is now sitting idle amongst my other level 80s. I’m actually moving my Priest and Paladin over to Stormrage so now my stable of characters consists of:


I have a Druid sitting on 60, a Rogue working through the low 50s and I’ve been running a Gnome Warlock through the new-old content.

That new-old content has been sorted out. It’s much more linear and guided. No more running half way across the zone to do something, run back to hand in and run back to the other side again. It’s more of a fluid passing through the zones.

I admit, I stalled on the Rogue. I’m did some self-reflecting and decided it was one or both of two things:

1. I switched spec to Mutilate which I’m sort of meh about.
2. I am sitting just short of TBC and have to jump into end game new-old content which I was hoping to avoid so it’d be fresh.

At the moment, I’m enjoying the Warlock a little more so I might focus on that.

I’m still working on my Hunter which is still my main. I just don’t have a lot of things left to do with him outside of raiding and a couple of heroics. I probably should run through some of the TBC heroics and get those done… maybe finish off some of those factions for tabards.

But I’m just having too much fun being short and malevolent!

New UI

I grabbed GarUI last night and set it up. It’s working fine for Smaken, but it’s not acting right for the other characters. I suspect I missed a step for them. I think I know what it is.

Either way, it’s really clean UI with useful Power Auras added in. I’m happy – though the chat font is a little small and it keeps reverting back to the lower size when I log in and out.

I’m a bit bummed about three things. First, I am annoyed they dropped the hatch time of the Egg from the Oracles to 3 days and I had just bought one… so I’m still waiting for it to hatch. Second, I haven’t got the mount drop from Anzu the Ravenlord yet. Soloing him is good fun. Third, I’m annoyed that I had to retrain my pet’s talents to get their sprint to work. I ‘m going to have to spend some time checking all the pets which is going to be annoying.

Otherwise? Not much else going on since the Americans in the guild are celebrating Thanksgiving.

Shaking Things Up

One of the things I like about the current campaign I’m playing in with my D&D group, is that it’s not the typical start. The world is dominated by Mind Flayers who have oppressed the other races into servitude.

Very different from the usual process of build a character from all the available options, buy up the gear and plunk yourself down on a barstool somewhere for the adventuring group to suck you up into some adventure.

Not all campaigns are like that, but you get what I mean, no?

Instead we created characters devoid of gear (outside of what the slave masters let us have) and with very little knowledge or schooling on things. It’s been kind of nice acquiring things along the way without looking at what you already have and saying, “Meh, I have better,” simply because you didn’t really have anything!

Another change (at least for me) is that it’s an evil group. I recently DMed the group playing evil characters working for a greater evil, but I didn’t get a chance to play an evil character in a campaign where the other players are evil.

It’s been fun.

That got me thinking of a campaign idea I had for awhile now. It’s low magic and non-humans, but high on divine magic. Idea being the Church in power of the Kingdom, gained absolute control of the Kingdom because the King is indisposed.

And you now what absolute power does, right?

The big cheese starts looking for people to blame because he’s incapable of fixing the King. First he blames the Elves, who flee with help from the Dwarves. Then he blames the Wizards because their magic is ungodly!

It could be interesting. If anything, more story and RP focused.

What to do?

Some people died in the D&D session yesterday and that creates a bit of a problem in our Evil little group. What problem?

Power vaccuum.

Smaken (the Ogre I’m playing) doesn’t really have a leader he’s willing to follow.Being Lawful Evil, he’ll respect the authority of someone stronger or more powerful… or bully people into obeying him.

Jack (Dread Necromancer) who was somewhat creepy but really smart was who Smaken fell in with to follow. Mainly because others feared him, he complimented the Ogre in suitable ways and also was really good at cutting up dead things for the Ogre to eat. Also, he seemed to have more worldly experience than the Ogre had (who, until recently, only knew of the slave camps).

Lars (War Mage) also died, and he was the main tie in for the two Knights in the group. He also had a quest to collect souls from the things we’d kill. But that was his job, not Smaken’s. So far, Smaken only agreed to deal with the local Kobold issue, which they believe they have done.

That’s issue two; there is a subquest that might not have someone driving it unless the Bard really takes interest.

That leaves two Knights (Lawful Evil) who follow a code that Smaken disagrees with – not harm unarmed foes? Duh. They’re easier to kill if they are unarmed. Stupid Knights! While Smaken currently shares their alignment, he’s not as rigid as they are. Nope, he’s not likely to follow them unless they kick his ass… which might happen.

The Bard who is light and whimsical. Tells good stories about Ogres killing Mind Flayers (actually stories about Smaken, but the Bard changed the name and Smaken hasn’t caught on yet) and trips up enemies putting them in compromising positions, but that’s about it. He’s smart and clever but… sort of Bardy. Smaken believes he could bully the Bard into obeying him.. though maybe the Bard might have some ideas.

The Warlock? Not a chance. Smaken wouldn’t follow him at all. There doesn’t seem to be a lot there so far, outside of blasting stuff… which is cool.

There is the NPC Cleric, though Smaken thinks he can bully her too.

Yeah, I think issue one might come into play. Smaken might try to step up and bully the group into following him.

First thing to do? Release the Vampire Colonel’s farmers/workers and go collect the reward.

Second thing to do? Sit around town until his large-sized weapons are completed.

After that? Assuming he can bully everyone into following him, maybe see what sort of work is available.

Bored. Again. True story.

I tend to hit lulls of interest in various things at various times, but at this point it’s all hitting me at once.

How’s that for being general?


When was the last time I had a ‘bored’ posting? I’m guessing I tend to have them in around November and probably around April or so.


Ads in TV Shows

I can’t say I like it. Some of it is subtle enough while others are a little more blatant.

Hawaii Five-O is pretty blatant for advertising. Two things that come to mind are “Bing it” where they show using the Windows 7 Mobile device for searching something or taking pictures and sending them. Last night they made a point of showing off the device again, mildly amusing. They also show off the new Camaro quite a bit.

Hawaii Five-O isn’t the only show for that. Subway is shown off a fair bit in Chuck (I’m pretty sure it’s a sponsor) as is the iPhone. Aside from that, nothing really stands out.

The odd Mac gets shown in various shows; Lie to Me and I think Castle.

I guess it makes sense in some cases, so long as it doesn’t take away from the show. The Windows 7 Mobile bits on Hawaii Five-O are pretty obvious though. The camera pans to the device and I feel like I’m watching a brief ‘how to’ video. Which is sad, because I like the show and I like the Windows 7 Mobile commercials outside of the show. You know the one where the guy is at his kid’s soccer practice, gets in and out of his device quickly so he can get back to watching his kid’s soccer game (or was it baseball). Meanwhile the other dad is engrossed in fiddling with his device so his kid chucks the ball at him?

Funny stuff.

Minor rant. If it was really important, they’d call you instead of text you. Of course, texting prays on the curiousity of humanity. I heard the beep, felt the vibration or what ever and so now I know there is a text message. Who is it from? What’s it about? I’m so curious… it’ll just take a second.

No it doesn’t.

Not Gonna Do It…

I’m not going to make any references to the end of the world, post links to the ‘end of the world’ song or point and laugh at people that still wanted to do something in the old world of Azeroth before it gets broken – which is happening today.

Instead, I’m going to… well, post nothing really.

I know, how is that a change from my usual postings.

Azeroth is breaking and I’m not going to talk about it.

Neener neener.

Okay, I will mention that I am looking forward to some of the Hunter adjustments, namely increases to some of the damage abilities in Marksman. I’m also going to be really happy when my Devilsaur is going to be able to Dash again.

Frostheim reports that it should be the leveling spec of all hunters out there. He even goes on to suggest which pets to use for leveling.

I’m also tempted to take a look at GarUI… which might be broken with today’s patch heh.


I’m back from vacation. Did I mention I was going on vacation for a week?

Well, I did. I flew south to Florida to take TheWife and LittleOgres to Disney. I know, Ogres and Disney. I also took them to Universal Studios.

All in all, it was a good trip. A lot of walking around and looking at stuff. We didn’t do too many rides because the LittleOgres were too scared. LBO really needs to loosen up. LLO was up for the rides unless it was afternoon because by that time he’d was tired, hot or both.

Only one major meltdown each.

LLO was first, he was tired, hot and wanted to wake up the sleeping fountain outside of Sinbad’s 8th Journey because he wanted to get sprinkled. We were moving on and he disagreed with that. He cheered up when we found a splash pad in the Dr. Seuss area.

LBO had his meltdown on the end of the trip, last day in Animal Kingdom. He was overtired, over-stimulated and over advertised. He wanted to a get a Golden Turtle which turned out to be a Webkin. Sorry, but I’m not going to buy a Webkin at Disney, especially not after spending as much as I did on Universal Studio tickets (1 day, 2 parks passes all around) and other souvenirs; Pluto, Donald Duck, Stitchx2, Bucket O Soldiers, Pichu and Sphinx.

No, that turtle can be bought at home in a cheaper store.

He disagreed. All the way down the train, through Africa and out the park. He settled down back at the hotel and we had a nice evening just going to the pool and exploring the other movie-themed buildings.

I also got to meet some guildies, which was pretty cool.

Overall, it was a good trip. It might have been nice to go at a more leisurely pace through the parks.

Would I do it again? Meh, maybe when the kids are older and willing to actually go on rides.

Dear Moonghosts,

Please stop showing up and scaring my son at the early hours of the morning. He is keeping me up at night when I’m trying to recover from a cold.

This includes all of you; the cowboy, the gangster, the elephant-nosed spy from Star Wars and the two wolves.

Thank you!