WoW! That Was Easy!

The new and improved Paranormal Society ran through ICC 10 man last night. We were short four raiders so we PUGed two and let my family members come along (they’re just starting to get some epics, still have some blues, are missing gems and enchants). I also got to play my DK (who hits mid 2k DPS in heroics) up through to Putricide. Somewhat new to their roles were the Shaman and Druid healer, though they looked to be decently geared.

That 30% buff and lack of the Dodge penalty really makes things easy. Likely also helped that the others had ICC25 gear, including some hard mode items.

I rocked about high 4k to mid-5k DPS with my Titansteel Destroyer (Unholy spec). The BIL was running at about 4k while my sister was 2-3k DPS. I’ll need to work on her rotation with her soon.

I scored two upgrades on the DK (Heroic boots from the Airship battle and a BP from somewhere else). My sister scored Hersir’s Greatspear from the Blood Princes (I think) and Stakethrower. Oh and some boots. The BIL, unfortunately, didn’t get anything other that Ashen Verdict rep and some Justice Points.

I switched over to Smaken for Professor Putricide and ran with him up to Sindragossa where we stopped.

I admit, I was a little disappointed with my DPS. I realize it wasn’t 25 man raids where you likely have all the buffs available to you, but  for some reason I didn’t feel like I was doing as much as I should be. Granted, ball duty on the Princes kind of hurts DPS. Though I did get bit for the Blood Queen and put up a disappointing 10k DPS. I did run around looking for someone to bite, but still. Again, hard to measure DPS on Dreamwalker fight, but right before that I think I did about 12-13K DPS on the mini-boss outside that room. For Prof I was up there.

I might take a look at MM next time, though Sindragossa and LK aren’t really going to be ideal places to measure the DPS. I might just stay BM for now.


I should mention they were one shots all the way through and my family members did well. Healers did great. Tanks were good, butcept Tim who let my pet die to a trash mob. He’s prolly going to say something like, “The mob was CCed in the room and I was pulling it back,” or, “L2Huntard,” or something like that.

Lies. My pet stole agro from him.

And that mob was in the Princes room, CCed while he pulled back.


Tim was fine on tanking. I didn’t take agro at all on bosses. He switched to Ret for Saurfang and threw down 13k DPS. Clearly, needs a nerfing.


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