I’m back from vacation. Did I mention I was going on vacation for a week?

Well, I did. I flew south to Florida to take TheWife and LittleOgres to Disney. I know, Ogres and Disney. I also took them to Universal Studios.

All in all, it was a good trip. A lot of walking around and looking at stuff. We didn’t do too many rides because the LittleOgres were too scared. LBO really needs to loosen up. LLO was up for the rides unless it was afternoon because by that time he’d was tired, hot or both.

Only one major meltdown each.

LLO was first, he was tired, hot and wanted to wake up the sleeping fountain outside of Sinbad’s 8th Journey because he wanted to get sprinkled. We were moving on and he disagreed with that. He cheered up when we found a splash pad in the Dr. Seuss area.

LBO had his meltdown on the end of the trip, last day in Animal Kingdom. He was overtired, over-stimulated and over advertised. He wanted to a get a Golden Turtle which turned out to be a Webkin. Sorry, but I’m not going to buy a Webkin at Disney, especially not after spending as much as I did on Universal Studio tickets (1 day, 2 parks passes all around) and other souvenirs; Pluto, Donald Duck, Stitchx2, Bucket O Soldiers, Pichu and Sphinx.

No, that turtle can be bought at home in a cheaper store.

He disagreed. All the way down the train, through Africa and out the park. He settled down back at the hotel and we had a nice evening just going to the pool and exploring the other movie-themed buildings.

I also got to meet some guildies, which was pretty cool.

Overall, it was a good trip. It might have been nice to go at a more leisurely pace through the parks.

Would I do it again? Meh, maybe when the kids are older and willing to actually go on rides.


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