Ads in TV Shows

I can’t say I like it. Some of it is subtle enough while others are a little more blatant.

Hawaii Five-O is pretty blatant for advertising. Two things that come to mind are “Bing it” where they show using the Windows 7 Mobile device for searching something or taking pictures and sending them. Last night they made a point of showing off the device again, mildly amusing. They also show off the new Camaro quite a bit.

Hawaii Five-O isn’t the only show for that. Subway is shown off a fair bit in Chuck (I’m pretty sure it’s a sponsor) as is the iPhone. Aside from that, nothing really stands out.

The odd Mac gets shown in various shows; Lie to Me and I think Castle.

I guess it makes sense in some cases, so long as it doesn’t take away from the show. The Windows 7 Mobile bits on Hawaii Five-O are pretty obvious though. The camera pans to the device and I feel like I’m watching a brief ‘how to’ video. Which is sad, because I like the show and I like the Windows 7 Mobile commercials outside of the show. You know the one where the guy is at his kid’s soccer practice, gets in and out of his device quickly so he can get back to watching his kid’s soccer game (or was it baseball). Meanwhile the other dad is engrossed in fiddling with his device so his kid chucks the ball at him?

Funny stuff.

Minor rant. If it was really important, they’d call you instead of text you. Of course, texting prays on the curiousity of humanity. I heard the beep, felt the vibration or what ever and so now I know there is a text message. Who is it from? What’s it about? I’m so curious… it’ll just take a second.

No it doesn’t.


2 thoughts on “Ads in TV Shows

  1. Castle did the Windows phone thing an episode or two ago. He used it to map something along a turnpike. When the phone was shown, it was shown on its own (as opposed to him just taking the phone out and using it), and then they showed him using a voice command to activate the map.

    Movies do it all the time, too. Reality shows also.

    Even the Indy car races do it. They CGI a “bridge” into the race track with advertising on it.

  2. Yeah, I noticed it in Castle too. House tends to have a bottle of Advil or Tylenol (or something like that) somewhere in the area where they do the differential.

    I guess it’s just becoming a little more of a club over your head in TV shows.

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