Not Gonna Do It…

I’m not going to make any references to the end of the world, post links to the ‘end of the world’ song or point and laugh at people that still wanted to do something in the old world of Azeroth before it gets broken – which is happening today.

Instead, I’m going to… well, post nothing really.

I know, how is that a change from my usual postings.

Azeroth is breaking and I’m not going to talk about it.

Neener neener.

Okay, I will mention that I am looking forward to some of the Hunter adjustments, namely increases to some of the damage abilities in Marksman. I’m also going to be really happy when my Devilsaur is going to be able to Dash again.

Frostheim reports that it should be the leveling spec of all hunters out there. He even goes on to suggest which pets to use for leveling.

I’m also tempted to take a look at GarUI… which might be broken with today’s patch heh.


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