What to do?

Some people died in the D&D session yesterday and that creates a bit of a problem in our Evil little group. What problem?

Power vaccuum.

Smaken (the Ogre I’m playing) doesn’t really have a leader he’s willing to follow.Being Lawful Evil, he’ll respect the authority of someone stronger or more powerful… or bully people into obeying him.

Jack (Dread Necromancer) who was somewhat creepy but really smart was who Smaken fell in with to follow. Mainly because others feared him, he complimented the Ogre in suitable ways and also was really good at cutting up dead things for the Ogre to eat. Also, he seemed to have more worldly experience than the Ogre had (who, until recently, only knew of the slave camps).

Lars (War Mage) also died, and he was the main tie in for the two Knights in the group. He also had a quest to collect souls from the things we’d kill. But that was his job, not Smaken’s. So far, Smaken only agreed to deal with the local Kobold issue, which they believe they have done.

That’s issue two; there is a subquest that might not have someone driving it unless the Bard really takes interest.

That leaves two Knights (Lawful Evil) who follow a code that Smaken disagrees with – not harm unarmed foes? Duh. They’re easier to kill if they are unarmed. Stupid Knights! While Smaken currently shares their alignment, he’s not as rigid as they are. Nope, he’s not likely to follow them unless they kick his ass… which might happen.

The Bard who is light and whimsical. Tells good stories about Ogres killing Mind Flayers (actually stories about Smaken, but the Bard changed the name and Smaken hasn’t caught on yet) and trips up enemies putting them in compromising positions, but that’s about it. He’s smart and clever but… sort of Bardy. Smaken believes he could bully the Bard into obeying him.. though maybe the Bard might have some ideas.

The Warlock? Not a chance. Smaken wouldn’t follow him at all. There doesn’t seem to be a lot there so far, outside of blasting stuff… which is cool.

There is the NPC Cleric, though Smaken thinks he can bully her too.

Yeah, I think issue one might come into play. Smaken might try to step up and bully the group into following him.

First thing to do? Release the Vampire Colonel’s farmers/workers and go collect the reward.

Second thing to do? Sit around town until his large-sized weapons are completed.

After that? Assuming he can bully everyone into following him, maybe see what sort of work is available.


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