New UI

I grabbed GarUI last night and set it up. It’s working fine for Smaken, but it’s not acting right for the other characters. I suspect I missed a step for them. I think I know what it is.

Either way, it’s really clean UI with useful Power Auras added in. I’m happy – though the chat font is a little small and it keeps reverting back to the lower size when I log in and out.

I’m a bit bummed about three things. First, I am annoyed they dropped the hatch time of the Egg from the Oracles to 3 days and I had just bought one… so I’m still waiting for it to hatch. Second, I haven’t got the mount drop from Anzu the Ravenlord yet. Soloing him is good fun. Third, I’m annoyed that I had to retrain my pet’s talents to get their sprint to work. I ‘m going to have to spend some time checking all the pets which is going to be annoying.

Otherwise? Not much else going on since the Americans in the guild are celebrating Thanksgiving.


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