Quest Funnels

That’s right, the new-old world zones act as funnels, or maybe pipes? You really do get lead around a little better, things are smooth and quick. Definitely leaning more towards getting things done quickly and not having any users confused about where to go to level.

Okay, so I was confused with my Rogue. I was in the upper levels of old world content when the world flipped and I wasn’t sure where to go. I also didn’t really like my spec so I flipped back to Combat spec. I then went to Stormwind and saw this Hero Board had a quest. I clicked on it and it was telling me to go to Burning Steppes.


So off I went and sure enough, it was suitable level content!

Easy made easier.

I cranked out a bunch of quests, and I mean a bunch, in a really short time. It also netted me about 4 levels. There is still another quest that needs to be done, but I really enjoyed the last one which involved riding on the back of a dragon and cooking the forces of orcs, trolls and ogres (/cry) who were massing to attack Redridge.

Pretty cool.

The quests lead me around the zone easily enough and even made getting the achievement for questing in that zone an easy achievement. Not much of an achievement, I guess. Ah well, I did enjoy it and that’s what counts!

I picked up a companion pet too, so I’m going to want to run Smaken through that zone eventually. I figured once he’s 85 and not really able to do too much, I’ll do that for a break or while waiting on the DF to pop. “That” being run through the older zones. Not because I have to, but because I want to.



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