Busy Busy

Bleh. Too busy to post anything worth reading, so feel free to move along or drop an insulting comment about how I never post anything worth reading.

Oh wait, I do have something to talk about. I did find interesting is the whole Rift hype machine firing up. The game looks interesting but I have a number of concerns.

They’re using all the typical buzzwords in their ads which has been said numerous failures after WoW’s release. My favorite is the whole “next gen” thing. I will give them credit for not having Paul Barnett bellowing out information. I have to admit, I didn’t really like that guy and I don’t know what it was about him but I could help but feel he was full of crap. Or at least the crap he was spewing only sounded exciting because he was bellowing at us all. Nothing personal against the guy. Instead of getting me excited (not that kind of excited!), these words now have me rolling my eyes or remembering hollow promises. Marketing folks take note; DO NOT USE THOSE WORDS ANYMORE.

All those spec tree combo options are going to be a PITA to balance in PVP let alone PVE. You WILL see flavor of the week/month or OP specs cropping up which most people will end up playing and we’ll see all the same stuff. Really, this is just a combination of AC1’s system with the added hook of having to find the ‘spec’ trees. AC 2 was more of a step towards there where you had a bunch of spec trees you could mess around with. I remember mucking around with a Ranger-type that could heal while my friend made a tank that could heal. End result was I was sort of gimped and he could stand there and tank everything without a worry. It was so horribly broken, it was trivial. Blizzard has recently cut back the talent trees because they discovered most players avoided certaion talents and those trees in Rift look to have a lot of stuff there – how much of it matters? How much of it will be used? How much of it just looks good to have lots of options?

I keep hearing about “Rifts” and “Invasions” which reminds me of Tabula Rasa. Anyone else remember those attacks on outposts where the “Bane” (I think they were called) take over the outpost and you have to take it back? Yeah those were awesome. I’m going to go fire up Tabula Rasa when I get home and give it a… oh right. It’s cancelled and shut down. One of the strengths of WoW is that you can pop in and do something in a short amount of time and feel like you advanced somewhere. I don’t know that this system will allow that. Maybe that’s a good thing for more hardcore type players, but I can also see people complaing about this. Also, where are they going with these Rifts? Two expansions down the line are there still going to be Rifts popping up? I keep thinking of The Elder Scrolls: Oblivion, where you have random gates appearing in various spots and you pop in to close them. Over and over again.

I just don’t know about that game. It’s not really showing us anything new yet, just a different mash up of the same old stuff and the stuff they’re showing doesn’t seem all that deep. The spec trees are neat and has potential, but let’s see the content – more than just Rifts popping up because they’re not all that cool.


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