I Worgen.

I  went to bed pretty early, before 9 pm, since all the shows I usually watch were cancelled for either some broadcasting history thing or the American Country Awards.

I hate country. I hates it more now.

I woke up at 4am. It crossed my mind that the servers were up with the latest expansion content unlocked as they were unlocked at 3am. But I decided I would get back to sleep. Tossed and turned for about 30 minutes, started to doze off then the cat starting meowing… or maybe yowling. So I got up and got the cat some water. Then collected my wallet and authenticator and wandered downstairs.

First thing I did was log into the site and request a race change. I then logged in and it wasn’t there. So I created a Worgen (I planned on making one for leveling purposes) Warrior and popped back out. Nope, the race change wasn’t there yet. Switched servers and switched back. There it was!

Switched Smaken to Worgen. Ain’t he purdy?

I have to admit, it does look sort of silly to be a werewolf dressed up as a bug. I bet it will look even better with the murloc suit Hunters get for T11.

Yeah. Right.

Anyway, he’s Worgen now and it’s pretty slick. I now have a bunch of mechanics for kiting and I’ve dropped that 1% crit bonus on guns and replaced it with a 1% crit bonus overall. I will miss Stoneform though, it was useful for sorting out poisons.

I managed to get some questing in but stopped just after you get the seahorse mount. It was a little crazy in the starting area – lots of people cluttering the quest NPCs and killing stuff in the starting area of the Vash’j zone.

PS already had our dedicated few in there and playing since about 3am (Delnor, Divinity, Draknarko, Wustoff, Timbits, Nomeansno and Sjae). Some of them even said something about pulling an all nighter. They had said they didn’t bother with questing because it was too busy and laggy when they went there so they formed up a dungeon group and went to it. Lucky bastids.

Damn I wish I had some time off or sick days left. I probably could have worked from home but I doubt I’d get any work done which isn’t a good thing. Tuesday is the one day I seem to be free of meetings so that means it’s a more productive day.

Ah well, I’ll get back at it tonight.


2 thoughts on “I Worgen.

  1. Nope, I PVRed it. I have it scheduled. 🙂 I also have Hawaii Five-O set up to record. Among other shows that I like.

    I’ll watch it either later tonight or tomorrow or something.

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