So far I’ve managed to tank (as a Blood DK) three of the earlier dungeons for Cataclysm and I have to admit, I like them!

Blackrock Caverns is probably the easiest one. There isn’t a lot of challenging fights in there.

The first boss chains some of the group up and starts an PBAE. You have to chop your way out of the chains and move away from the boss. Pretty easy.

The second boss is sort of like the fight in Karazhan where you have to interrupt the rays he’s firing at his minions or they get big and nasty. You can still win if they get big and nasty, in fact, we’ve let this happen two out of three times and still beat the fight.

The third boss you have to run through the center pillar of fire which makes him take regular damage, until you do that, he takes reduced damage. You don’t want to leave him in the fire because as he is in the fire,  he reflects some of the heat out and hits the whole party making healing a pain. Just run him through, whack him, run him through, repeat.

The fourth boss is optional, she’s a great big corehound who has a favored pet. At least I think she’s a she, I didn’t check between the legs. You can pull the three in front then get the boss and leave the one in the back along (I think it’s called Runty). If you kill Runty, big mama will enrage and wipe the group. Typical corehound rules apply.

The final boss is tricky, it will warp to its two minions from time to time and the minions have some sort of debuff for threat (or so I’m told) which means they have to be kited instead of tanked. Nothing tricky to it other than that.

Oh, did I mention SPOILER ALERT?

The other dungeon I did was Throne or Tides (or something like that). This one is tougher than Blackrock Caverns, but not by that much. Unfortunately, I only ran it once so I don’t really remember what was going on.

I think the first boss you run into summons up minions which have to be killed because he’s immune while they’re up. He also creates these big blue geysers that you want to avoid standing in.

I remember one boss is a cyclopean squid that jumps on someone’s head and controls them. He also does some nasty AOE that you can move out of.

The last boss is a dude you have to protect. Eventually you grow to be big giants and you can then clobber the giant squid/octopus thing that is attaching itself to the side of the room and injecting the mobs into the room that you had to protect the dude from.

If there was another  boss, I’m drawing a complete blank on it.

My personal favorite, because it kicked our ass a couple of times, was Stonecore. This one was the hardest one I’ve tried so far.

The trash leading up to the first boss is rough, you really need to focus fire on the big elementals and clobber the crap out of everyone but Millhouse (or so it seemed). When the trash are dead, Millhouse will zip away to the next set of trash. After about three or four times of doing that, you get to meet the boss which is a great big, ringed serpent thing.

Quick note about the ‘trash’; the rock flayer-like mobs seem to build up momentum in their attacks and will start flaying whatever is in front of them. This is a bad thing because it hurts lots. Get behind them or back away. Personally, I jumped or moved through them. The rock guardian dude you face right after the first boss is a nasty bugger and there are more than one. This guy slams the ground and damages whoever is on the ground. You can get around this by levitating or timing your jumps. As the tank, I had to jump. When you get further in, there are camps of Twilight Hammer folks, watch the wanderers and make sure you take out any Sentries when they see you. If you don’t, they will run from camp to camp waking everything up and that gets messy… believe me!

The next boss runs you through a bit of a gauntlet; just watch for black spots on the ground then don’t stand there while moving down to where you will actually fight that dragon. The fight is fairly simple, but at points it will fly up and knock more crap down on you – again, avoid the black spots. Another tricky part about this is that it can cause some LOS issues with your healer so be careful of that.

EDIT: I was reminded that there was another boss before hitting the last one. He was a big stone golem-looking dude that was pretty simple. He didn’t seem to do anything other than knock you away. I think you could jump and avoid that, but I’m not sure. I was pretty tired and jumping became a habit.

The last boss is the High Priestess, she’s nasty. It took us about four or five tries to get her down and when we did, it was barely. She basically rag-dolls the tank unless someone interrupts her. Otherwise she she does a couple of attacks. She opens up a gravity well at varying points and places which does damage if you’re in the purple area. She also has a bunch of zealots zip into the fray from the side halls. you want to make sure your group is tucked away in the corner away from the two passages to this area and you want the zealots to run right into the gravity well which will take care of them. At points she will zip over to the altar, force control some big rocks and toss them at the party – just get out of the way or you’ll get hurt… a lot.

Your mileage may vary, my DK wasn’t geared for tanking when I started Cataclysm so I’ve had to use pieces I picked up from quests or the odd drops.

Overall? They’ve been pretty fun!

(Level 83 at the moment)


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