Moar Dungeons!

I managed to hit a couple of more dungeons recently; Vortex Pinnacle and Halls of Origination.

I have to say I wasn’t too keen on Vortex Pinnable, though I did like that some CC was required. Okay, not required, but it sure makes the trash fights FAR easier if you do it. I won’t spoil anything.

Halls of Origination is a loot pinata. There are about seven bosses in there and as a level 85 dungeon you get some tabard rep rewards and really good blue drops (iLevel 333 which helps get you into heroics). Some CC is required here as well, which is nice. It seems to be more of a requirement than other dungeons.

I’m eagerly looking forward to trying Grim Batol and the Lost City of Tol’vir dungeons.

I also took some time to figure out Archaeology which is probably a bigger time sink than Fishing but at least with Archaeology you’ll eventually get some good stuff. The coolest thing about Archaeology is that my little ogres love it so I can let them level it up for me.

Did I mentioned I’ve capped my Alchemy profession? I’m at 505/525 for Enchanting so I’ve almost got the tradeskills sorted out on my DK. I think I’m going to finish off Twilight Highlands zone and move back to Hyjal for enchanting materials. I don’t think I’m going to work on any of my alts just yet, though when I do, I’ll level Smaken to 85 first.


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