Moar Games!

There are a bunch of new games scheduled for next year that already caught my eye but I haven’t really said much about.

  1. Mass Effect 3
  2. The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim
  3. Dragon Age 2
  4. Neverwinter

Mass Effect 3

You’ll notice something there; 3/4 are fantasy RPGs. Mass Effect 3 being the one sci-fi one and because of that, I’m willing to forgive Mass Effect 2’s shortness and reliance on DLC to finish (imo) the game. I posted about it when it came out, but I felt ME2 was too short and formulaic, despite that it was a good game and made some good advances over ME1. I’ll give Bioware another shot with ME3 and check it out when it’s released… but if I need to buy DLC to feel like the game is complete, I’m going to stop buying.

For those curious, I didn’t like the lack of having a ground team or even vehicle to explore an area. They slacked off there. I realize not everyone enjoyed the vehicle exploration, but they could have kept it in and made it optional. Scan the planet? Found an anomaly? You can either send a ground team or just launch in vehicle mode to explore.

The change to simply scanning planets and launching probes was interesting at first but the more and more I explored the planets, the less and less I felt like there was actually content there. Very disappointing in comparison with ME1.

The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim

TES5: Skyrim has me most excited of the lot of them. I’ve loved TES since Arena and sunk days of time in all the games they’ve released. Daggerfall was scary but had some charm to it – it seemed like a step forward with a few steps back. Morrowind was a step forward from there and Oblivion was fantastic! The DLC were minor addon’s not aspects of the game that weren’t there on release (hai ME2) – sure some additions like barding and spell books were nice, but they were just ‘nice’. They were additions… and they were dirt cheap.

The trailer for this doesn’t really reveal a lot, but I’ve good high expectations of more goodness from that series.

This one I’ll buy without a doubt.

Dragon Age 2

I really enjoyed the beginning parts of Dragon Age, but somewhere along the way my enthusiasm died out. I’m not sure what did it. I believe I’m sitting at the point where all I have left to do is get the ashes and do the end game parts. It was a good size of content and the DLC was quality (Grey Warden’s Keep/Golem) but should have easily been part of the game since they were available from the get go. That just reaks of money grabbing and I don’t like that one bit.

I skipped the expansion and I suspect I’ll skip this or at least wait until I get a better impression of how much game content there is.

And maybe I’ll actually finish the game off.


I’m really hoping Cryptic can go back to the original toolkit or make it more user friendly than Obsidian did with NWN2 – even if the IDE-type toolset was more powerful.

Hey, maybe Cryptic will actually make that table top 4e D&D software that Wizards of the Coast had planned but scrapped? That’d be cool!

This is a tough one for me. I’m curious to see 4e in action (even if it’s in a video game) but I’m really nervous about it being Cryptic. They should have multiplayer code down and they’ve dabbled with custom user content in the game (CoH/V architect stuff) but can they give us a decent RPG out of the box?

I’m curious and I’ll take a look more closely when it’s out.


Another one I haven’t mentioned is the one from 38 Studios (Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning), which I might look at. I loved the Rise of Nations games from Big Huge Games, but I’m not seeing that type of gameplay in the game 38 Studios is working on. I’ll give it a look because I have a lot of respect for someone who loves games as much as Curt Schilling (and crew) appear to love games.

The more I hear about Rift, the less I’m interested. I’ll take a look (not necessarily buy it) when it’s out, but I’m not liking everything I’m hearing from it. Class thing sounds interesting but I can see it being horribly balanced and the community (which WoW has ruined, btw) demanding people use certain specs or they’re useless (or n00bs). The Rift events sound like something that could become irritating, but we’ll see.

I can’t think of any other games of interest… for me.





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