Bend Over And I’ll Show You Heroic!

Heroics in Cataclysm hurt. Bad.

Trash isn’t too bad but some of it can be downright vicious. The bosses are pretty tough, which is exciting. In short, it’s very unforgiving and your best weapon for succeeding is communicating and vote kicking people that don’t follow the plan. Hehe

Crowd Control really helps out and interrupts are really important too. ‘Standing in the fire’ could literally mean failing and wiping because either you’re going to die or you’re going to use up all the healer’s mana.

We discovered this quickly when it took us most of the evening to run Heroic Throne of Tides. I think it took over two hours? We had a wipe on the first trash because I was bad and didn’t wait for CC on one of the casters. After that things were smooth up until the first boss.

The first issue was the lack of interrupts – fortunately, I had enough health to survive the big hit, but that ate the healer’s mana bar. Once we sorted the interrupts out, we ran into an issue where we weren’t killing the adds quickly enough. We discovered this was due to the PUG  rogue not attacking the right target (I should have said something but I was in a drowsy stupor – and was working frantically to keep agro on the two mobs since I had two high DPS types on them.). Once we sorted him out (kill order was caster, melee, then CC’ed caster – I think he was killing the unCC’ed caster then breaking CC on the other caster), we had to sort out not standing in the swirlie things. And finally we got that boss down.

Trash wiped us one more time. I couldn’t tell what did it, but I ran into a larger pack with my Bone Shield running already, fired my Blood Boil (reduces physical damage done by 10%) and died. Really, it was that quick. I looked at the log and didn’t see any big damage being done, just lots of little damage though I think most of it wasn’t physical. Oddly enough our guild mage sorted out most of the mobs while the rest of the group was dead or fleeing.

The next boss (brain sucker) was painful. The first few attempts, we lost people quickly namely because of instant agro issues from really high DPS attacks that were fired as I was going in. I managed to keep the boss pointed away from the group but interrupts were a bit of an issue. I got a rhythm going with the interrupts and we were making progress but our healer kept running out of mana. Why? Healing people that were getting hit by the rock formation thing the boss does. That included me. It seems when it’s on the tank or melee, it will pop up and vibrate (…) doing all sorts of damage. I think we struggled with this one the most. At one point we had to repair because the healer was missing about 30-40k mana hehe. Finally we got it down. I moved out of the way,  I forced the rogue to move out of the way, people at ranged moved out of the way… and we got it.

Of to the next boss through that gauntlet of spawning mobs. Where we wiped. My bad. I was so tired I forgot Pally healers can’t really run and heal so running right through to the end, taking damage all the way wasn’t a good plan. We corrected it and it went smoothly. I think the next boss took two attempts? I don’t remember. It was a fuzzy experience at that point. The first attempt I mixed up the second phase and the first. I was leaving the caster mobs run rampant thinking they’d only be attacking the big guy in the middle. Oops. After sorting that out, we ended up getting to the big phase where people starting to drop from the AOE damage going on in the room. I was the last one standing (cooldowns, Anti-magic shell, Blood Tap, potions, Blood Shield.. hehe) and did just enough to get the boss to take off.

I scored two upgrades; tanking legs and DPS relic which I’m using in my tank spec since my previous one was more of a DPS relic and it was only green.

I think I’m going to make some more gear adjustments (move my gear enchants/reforge more towards avoidance) and maybe try to get some more runs in the higher tier normals so I can replace some of my greens and some of my blue DPS gear that I was using.

In short? We got our asses kicked but prevailed… and I loved it!



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