Heroic PUGs!

I’ve had some mindblowingly bad PUGs lately. Just yesterday night I was running a regular Grim Batol with two DPS PUGs. Even though we explained what they needed to do, they still tunneled on the boss and died.

One finally left on the last boss which wasn’t going well because they were both putting up only 4k DPS… which I was beating them with about 5k as the tank. On top of poor DPS, they weren’t avoiding the bad and when they were supposed to jump into the middle of the void zone to avoid death, they weren’t doing that.

The warrior dropped after I explained that on wipe number three. We got a paladin that did over 7k and avoided the bad. We downed the boss in no time… literally, it was a couple of minutes.

But that’s Normal dungeon PUGs. The Heroic PUGs have been far better.

That’s sarcasm.

I think I’ve managed to complete two entire heroics with PUGs present.

The first one was Throne of Tides. It took us a long time despite only have one PUG in the group. Problem with him was that he wasn’t very aware and wasn’t following the kill order which was dragging out the fights and burning our healer’s mana. Granted, I was learning the fights so I had no shortage of mess ups on my part.

The second one was Vortex Pinnacle. The trash in the anti-magic zones are harder than most of the bosses, except maybe the dragon. He was a pain. We got through this one with only one PUG.

Are you noticing a pattern yet? The fewer PUGs, the better success I seem to have.

I’ve also completed Lost City of Tol’vir, but I wasn’t present for the first boss. I believe we did the guy with the dark phoenix (barely) then the last boss. I don’t believe we did the croc (Tim?). That had three PUGs.

I’ve run Blackrock Depths yesterday with only a healer PUG. We got through the first two bosses easily enough. Okay, I bungled the pull on the first boss because I nabbed some trash when the boss was nearby and he pathed into a caster. Still, we recovered and took down the boss – no wipe. Second boss was one shot, but close as we had one (of three in Heroic) fanatics pop into that big nasty. The third boss we tired three times and I think we could have got it but the PUG Priest was out of patience and bailed.

Grim Batol PUG group didn’t get through the first pack of trash before imploding. Heh.

I have yet to do Stone Core, Shadowfang Keep or Halls of Origination (which is supposed to be the second easiest). Maybe I’ll get a chance to do that tonight…

Oh! I had a brief go at Deadmines. We managed to kill the goblin boss with the bombs. The group there consisted of three PUGs and they were already in progress. We wiped on the second boss because the Paladin in charge of the group didn’t know what he was doing… okay, none of us knew what we were doing but he was a complete and utter douchebag. So I ended up bailing.

That’s the perk for being a tank. I can bail and queue up again easily enough. Downside is you’ve got way more responsibility. It can be somewhat stressful. I understand healing is much the same.

All in all, it’s been tough. Especially since some of these heroics can consume an evening trying to do.


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