Heroics Get Better…

… with gear and awareness. They’re still pretty damn unforgiving but I’ve managed to get through all of them except Shadowfang Keep and that’s only because it hasn’t popped yet and I haven’t had a lot of time to run them thanks to all this Holiday Spirit and stuff.

Oh yes, I’ve even completed the fearsome Grim Batol! There were a lot of fights that were pretty close including one where the Feral Druid was the last one and just managed to get the boss down with a sliver of health left. Then he died too because he had a DoT on him. Hehehe

We debated punting one of the two PUGs to pull in a guildie so we could get the achievement for the guild but decided against that (even though the Mage was a little frustrating and prone to dying on every boss fight). It didn’t seem fair because the Druid and Mage had stuck it out all the way up to the last boss and I figured we can do it again. I think we ended up getting the guild achievement even with 3/5 being guildies so that worked out. No douchebag move, success and a win for the guild.

Shadowfang Keep? I come for you.

As soon as I get my daily heroic done… and have a chance to play. Which will be tomorrow. Maybe.

I don’t think Shadowfang Keep is afraid anymore.

I admit, I absolutely loved SFK while I was leveling up. I also used it for farming Enchanting/Leatherworking mats and cash way back when.

While I’m not in full heroic gear, I’ve got an average iLevel of about 343, I’ve enchanting my gear and gemmed what needed gemming so I’m just about ready to raid. I hit Exalted with Therazine (shoulder enchant) and Wildhammer (epic tank boots). I’ve got Revered with Earthen Ring (head enchant) and I’m working my way up to Exalted with Ramkahet (epic tanking bracers). Oh and Tol Barad rep is getting up there too.  I don’t need Hyjal (but I’ll get it eventually) since I scored an epic tanking cloak in Dead Mines (it was a world drop). Alchemy/Enchanting are capped and I’m picking up recipes as I go. Archaeology is getting up to the 300 level and I recently bought up the highest mount training so that should go faster (pun intended).

I’m loving tanking, it’s a lot more exciting than I remember and I enjoy having extra tools available without the nigh-invulnerability that my Paladin had. DK tanking just made sense which is sort of how I felt about Hunters until they changed them to a priority system – I’ve said it before – they just don’t feel the same.

I’m going to need to start taking screenshots some of the stuff UFTimmy says in PUG heroic runs, they’re pretty hilarious. Though maybe they’re a whole lot of “you had to be there” type things. It makes the stress of heroics a lot better when you have a healer mocking people with impunity. I’m actually surprised no one has tried to vote kick him yet? Maybe they see the tank has the same guild tag and they’re worried about waiting 10-15 minutes for another tank? He is a really good healer too, so that probably helps hehe.

As a guild, we’re pretty close and aiming for early January. By then we should have our members geared up and ranks filled out – we’re short a few melee DPS which is strange because we used to struggle to get some ranged folk together and had to beat Ret Pallies away with rusty nailed clubs. We’re also Guild Level 6, closing in on 7th.

It’s all good.


6 thoughts on “Heroics Get Better…

  1. As I am reading this I just made a druid quit a heroic after I pointed out he was confused as to the difference between up and downwind in VP.

  2. Darn. I saw it in the recent list and thought it was us. /sad

    I’m surprised you haven’t chased anyone off sooner. Though there was that one heroic (DM?) where you went through about 4 tanks… and claim it wasn’t your fault.

  3. I feel your pain Smak – Pugs in Heroics reflect the ever-painful reality that WoTK was too easy.

  4. Yup, we currently need some melee DPS types. Most guilds seem to be moving away from that since a lot of the encounters don’t seem as melee friendly or ranged has less to worry about (sort of). We’re banking on that not being the case for too long.

    I’m not around tonight, but I’ll probably be on tomorrow, definitely Saturday. Hit me up if you see me online and we can chat in Vent or on Skype or something.

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