New “Robert Jordan” Book

I picked up the new Wheel of Time book by Robert Jordan and Brandon Sanderson called, “Towers of Midnight”. So far I’m about 300 pages into it – I think it weighs in at over 800 pages – and I’m loving it so far!

I admit the characters feel like they’ve remained true to.. well.. character and the story is unfolding at a more rapid pace. I am making a few predictions that I’m almost hoping I’m wrong about, but we’ll see after I’m done reading the book so I can go ahead and say that I’m right and no one reading this will know otherwise.

Okay, here is one that seems fairly obvious.


There have been a number of murders in the White Tower since the last book. These appear to occur to Aes Sedai who are alone and do not have Warders. If you remember the Seanchan attack on the White Tower in the last book, they left behind a few suicide skirmishers that would skulk about causing trouble. I’m pretty sure this is who is killing the lone Aes Sedai and that Gawyn is on the right track having discovered they were killed with knives and the locks were forced or picked with a physical instrument.

A portion of the way into Towers of Midnight, a group of Aes Sedai and some stragglers, which include the Tairen Thief-Catcher, leave the Band of the Red Hand to head to the tower. My prediction is that the Thief-Catcher will be instrumental in capturing and dealing with the Seanchan infiltrators.

I really hope that is the case, because it could make for interesting reading!

Overall the book is great so far. Love it!



3 thoughts on “New “Robert Jordan” Book

  1. I liked the book too, Sanderson is doing a great job given how difficult a task he has. There are some things I quibble with, at times it feels like he is simply presenting a barely fleshed out scene that obvious was drafted by Jordan before he died and would have been more fully explored, but generally I like it.

    I won’t spoil the answer to what your guess is… (I read the whole thing right when it came out).

  2. I’m still sorting through it. I did trip over one thing that seemed inconsistent. The whole Tam in Tear and Rand asks him for forgiveness when he was supposed to be in with Perrin. Though it could be that Tam had gone through a portal with the others (Bawler the spy wanted supplies, etc.).

    I’ve just read through the part where it’s clearly some sort of heightened assassin. Gawyn engaged it and lived, while it fled. I think that’s where I stopped – Egwene had Gawyn wrapped up and suspended from the ceiling.

  3. I said the same thing about Tam being in the wrong place and was disappointed at the time to think of such a big editing error… however, it isn’t. The scenes with Tam and Perrin are occurring before the scene with Rand. The Perrin storyline will catch up chronologically in the near future and it will make sense.

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