Heroic Nerfs – Round 2.

Round 1 involved increasing the duration of the debuff on the Forgemaster in Blackrock Caverns. While it didn’t trivialize the heroic version of the encounter, it did make it a little easier.

I admit, I haven’t been keeping as keen an eye on the dungeon changes so there might have been other nerfs or tuning changes that I didn’t notice. I do know theychanged some of the other abilities of some bosses (I think the mechanical boss doesn’t charge as far away or something) but I’m going to harp on the ones below because I was too slow to kavitch about the previous ones.

Round 2 consists of a number of changes to Deadmines – some of which were desparately needed. From the Blizzard patch notes:

  • Heroic Deadmines now has significantly less trash mobs.
  • The mechanical nightmare section of the Vanessa VanCleef encounter has less sparks of doom, and is notably easier and faster to navigate.
  • Vapors in the Ripsnarl encounter now increase in power every 8 seconds, up from 6.

Less trash is a good thing and needed. It doesn’t really make it any easier, just makes it take less time. The downside is less loot drops (fewer chances at world drop) and fewer rep rewards. Deadmines runs were taking upwards of two hours to run that instance (even with a full guild group) which was a bit long. I admit I actually dumped out on a group after seeing it was up even though I knew I was more than capable of doing it. Why? I really wasn’t in the mood for a two hour dungeon run. I just wanted a quickie then to roll over and go to sleep.

Yes, I was still talking about dungeons.

The second change is meh. I was fine running through there, but I know a good number of other folks had hard times with it. I died once (on the last one) in about 3 or 4 runs through that heroic.

The third change makes the Ripsnarl fight easier. Yeah, it’s only two seconds, but those two seconds add up when you should have three classes doing 8-12k DPS on average and one (tank) class possibly doing 4-7k on mobs that aren’t epics. If your three DPS guys cannot do (roughly) 76k DPS in 6 seconds… wtf?

In short, it’s a nerf to the dungeon – might not trivialize it, but definitely makes it easier.

I don’t really have a big problem with this, but this dungeon was doable and easier to complete than some of the others.

To me, the easy dungeons currently are:

Lost City of Tol’vir
Shadowfang Keep
Vortex Pinnacle
Blackrock Caverns
Halls of Origination
Throne of Tides
Grim Batol

I’m sure some people reading this disagree, this is from my personal experiences.

Lost City really isn’t that bad. The bosses are all pretty easy and not all that complicated. First boss? Avoid the bombs on the ground. Second boss? Avoid the stuff on the ground, kill off the birds. Third boss? Tank and spank, try to move to the tank if you get targeted for the crocs; the pygmy guy seemed sort of a push over. Last boss? Kill the adds, especially the minions ASAP (as a tank, try to turn them away from the party), preferably to the sides and out of the way since they drop icky stuff where they die. When he enters phase two  you just beat him down mostly.

SFK was just a roll through mostly. I didn’t really find the bosses all that tough, though some did require a lot of interrupts. Yes, I’m including the optional boss that a lot of people have to skip. We did it first try. Maybe I was lucky and had a good group, but I didn’t find this all that tough.

DM wasn’t too bad, but it was long. The boss I had the hardest time with was the mechanical dude.

VP isn’t horribly tough, you just have to be careful of having your tank knocked off. The worst boss in the zone is the dragon (imo) but mainly due to all the cyclones really causing visibility issues or near instant death if you get knocked too far away.

Blackrock Forgekeeper was the toughest fight, but once you figure out the trick it’s not nearly as bad. Beauty is easy if you have the CC to deal with the pups. Otherwise it was pretty easy, even when I bungled a pull on the first boss hehe.

HoO really wasn’t all that tough either. Most of the bosses don’t really do anything all that different from their predecessors. Some are tricky, especially the one that summons gates which you need to kill. Things can get pretty hairy there – I am blessed with not only having a good healer but a mage crazy good at kiting (or making kiting easier for me).

Throne of Tides… wot?! The first boss isn’t too bad so long as everyone is on board and paying attention. The second one also isn’t bad so long as you have the DPS to take it down (which isn’t as much as people think because we’ve done it when we lost a melee PUG to standing in the bad) and so long as the tank kites it around close enough to the wall to give people time to bring it down. The brain critter was one boss that had me stumped because he’s really unforgiving (and there are some pretty rough pulls on the way to him). You have people stand in the earth spikes? They die. Your tank *ahem* doesn’t move out of the spikes? It dies and wipes. People don’t get out of the cast speed reducing cloud? Well, DPS or heals goes down hehe. It’s a PITA fight. Last boss? It’s not too bad though the damage during the end phase can be really hard on healers and DPSers. As a DK, I’m pretty much immune and usually have to finish the big octopus off. BLIZZARD needs to fix that you don’t seem to get rep for defeating that last encounter (at least my group didn’t the last time we did it).

Stonecore. I almost forgot this one but I think that’s just my mind blocking out the horrible memories of that  rock boss. Worm boss? Pretty easy. Dragon boss? Ouch, that was tougher. Rock boss? ZOMG /ragequit melee. He’s a dirt bag. One of the toughest bosses I’ve had to tank outside of the Forgemaster. Why? Because he’s got a couple of abilities that are do or die. If you don’t get out of the way of his rock shuffle, you will die and he aims it at whoever has agro (tank). If you don’t get out of the way of that shatter-like ability, you will die. The catch is that he’ll do something to paralyze you right before he does the shatter. The paralyze is easier to overcome for some classes, less so for others. Horrible! The last boss seems to almost be easier on heroic because of her dropping more void zones which help with the adds.

Grim Batol’s main challenge is that there are a lot of trash with nasty, hurtful abilities and the bosses are pretty beefy. They’re not too complicated, but they’re still tough. The fact that a lot of the initial trash packs contain Dragonkin has been a problem depending on the class make up of the group; no druid? no hunter? Pretty much no CC for those and that hurts. GB is definitely one of the less forgiving dungeons.

Now I’ll qualify this with saying I almost always anchor a guild group consisting of 3-5 members. I admit, we have a far more difficult time the more PUG people we pick up after the first one. With one PUG, we seem fine… we just let it die and then continue doing what we need to do to get the boss down. Two PUGs gets a little sketchy depending on what we get. Three PUGs is terrifying, but also somewhat hilarious. I have yet to throw myself to the mercy of a full, four PUG group.

So yeah, I’m blessed with awesome heals, DPS, CC and amazing kiting skills when needed.

I is spoiled.

Neener neener!


4 thoughts on “Heroic Nerfs – Round 2.

  1. The early days (within the first 2 days of cata live) the Heroic version of Deadmines almost completely ruined that instance for me.

    My personal favorites for tanking has to be Lost City and HoO. I like SFK as a Pally, lots of stuns :)) But IMO DK tanking is easier (and cleaner from an aggro perspective) than Prot Pally tanking.

    HATE Thone of Tides. I hated the entire underwater theme anyway so maybe that’s it, or the bosses that require DPS to actually do something, like CC mobs or move… that is never a good thing.

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