Tol Barad Raid + Magmaw

On Tuesday (I know, I’m behind! I haven’t even posted in the Guild News about it!) we took a stab at some raid content. It was more of a probe than a stab because we still had people that didn’t meet our raid standards, we were missing some folks and had to PUG two spots and we didn’t bother with food/flask buffs.

We had Tol Barad so we figured we’d start off there. Didn’t take too long before we filled the two PUG spots with DPS (one melee, one ranged). The raid encounter was explained, our strat given and off we went. One shotted. I’m not going to beat my chest over that (too much) because it was a REALLY easy fight with simple tank swapping mechanics and a ‘stay out of the bad’ phase. Really simple.

Drops were chain gloves (PVP) and plate legs (PVP). I scored the legs which I’ll use for my DPS set until I get something more suitable.

The DPS PUGs dropped and we moved on to Blackrock Descent while collecting what we needed – ranged DPS and a third healer (we were going for the 1 tank, 3 heals, 2 melee, 4 DPS strat).

How do you get in there again? Where’s the raid entrance?

Almost 10 minutes of flying around and wondering where the heck the entrance was… I suddenly remember seeing the video showing it as being OUTSIDE and near the top of the mountain.


We find it, get inside and have our PUG folk ready to go – we got a Warlock and a resto Druid.

First pull, beat down, no worries. Second pull you get two. Beating down then wiping the DPS/heals.

Oops. Mine charged away from me (I still had threat) and at the pool of heals/DPS, stunning them and then doing some nasty AOE twirling blade DoT that killed most of them. Okay, weird. Tooks us about four attempts to realize, duh… these things are charging at various points towards the farthest target, stunning everything in the way. They also need to be killed close to the same time as possible or nasty enrage happens. Set up tanks to be the farthest two appart, plant the DPS/heal pod in the middle, but out of the charge route. Away we went and done they go.

On to the boss.

First time we were seeing the worms pop, the pillar of flame and people were wormed or flamed. Adjustments made, second attempt – tank (me)  nommed. Pillars less of a problem, worms still a bit of an issue because they’re not dying fast.

Quick analysis by UFTimmy shows the Warlock is doing nothing on the worms, he’s tunneling on the boss. Mage flips from fire to frost to slow up the worms more. Worms go better, pillars are dodged (mostly), big worm gets spiked. Damage done. Worm nommed tank again.

Weird. DBM is saying there was another 2 minutes or so until the worm was supposed to mangle (om nom nom the tank).

Regroup. Resto Druid PUG disappears, sends me a tell (dunno why he picked me, I wasn’t the raid leader – he must have detected my radiating awesomeness over the interwebs) saying he just realized his guild would be hitting this raid zone later in the week and didn’t want to be saved. Coolo.

UFTimmy analysis shows the Warlock’s DPS is terribad, even on worms. Guild chat lights up from one of our Hunters who was present. “OMG! Inspect the dude, he’s got STR ring on!” Guildies huddle around the Warlock and inspects are so rampant I am not allowed to inspect. 😦

“ZOMG! His other ring is an AGI ring!” “This trinket is horrid!” “WTF?” “Someone ask him why he is using STR/AGI rings! I’ll lose it if I ask.”

UFTimmy in vent, “So (warlock) why do you have AGI and STR rings equipped?”

Pause. Guild chat spam rolls by with giggles.

“Fire,” says the lock.

More guild chat spam blows by with, “what did he say?”s, “WTF”s and “LOL”s. I throw in a “ROFFLES” for good measure.

UFTimmy asks really politely,”Sorry? I didn’t catch that?”

“They have good haste on them, I wanted the haste.”

Shaman pops on and is invited to raid, we drop the Warlock, thanking him for coming out and noting we had a member come online. We PUG the healer spot and get a second Disc Priest.


Next few attempts go well enough, we get the head spiked, I learn (the hard way) that the agro drops when the head comes back up so I have to taunt right away (ideally before the healers die).

I think we totally had the mangle wrong and we’re going to correct it. There was a belief that the mangle had a big damage dump at the end of it which needed tank cooldowns to be saved for so I was saving Icebound Fortitude for it and not really making it through the mangle for a number of reasons; heals not stacking well with two discs, raid damage distractions, not firing any tank cooldowns.

I start helping the healers through the mangle by using Vampiric Blood (with the glyph so no HP boost but a big heal increaser instead), we get through another mangle, spike the head, damage damage damage, head comes up, taunt, whackety whackety, worms, pillar, steam/fire half the room, mangle, spike the head, damage… worms, pillars… what?! Woa! The head is still down!

Seems either DBM was totally off with the timers and the guides seemed to miss the whole worms and pillars still happen during the ‘dps and healer getting mana back’ phase or we’re bugged.

Despite that, we managed to get Magmaw down to 49%. We’ve seen the fight, we’ve got other ideas for how to handle it and we’re going to come back with better gear, enchants, gems, etc.  soon!

Overall, it was a lot of fun!


5 thoughts on “Tol Barad Raid + Magmaw

  1. Sounds like good times. We also found that DBM was somewhat unreliable with the encounter as well – some people switched to another add on called BigWig? Something like that – they found it better.

    We got him to around 35% but had problems with 2 of the healers disconnecting a lot so decided to call it and try again later.

  2. No, it seemed to be normal. Mangle -> Secure w/chains -> 30 sec beatdown -> Pillar of Fire. Nothing during the 30 seconds or so you get free wacks.

  3. What about the ‘mangle’? How often did it happen for you? I know my 3min CD wasn’t ready before the next one, but my 1 min one (heal boost) was… usually.

  4. Mangle effect reoccurred within a 3 minute period. I know this because the Holy Priest and I (Holy Pally) had to work out a rotation of healing cooldowns for the tank.

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