Downed Magmaw

Our raid team downed 10-man Magmaw last night.

The encounter was definitely more stable, though we did find a bug which, oddly enough, involved the parasites. It seems if you stack too close to the wall, they might spawn up there and be stuck, unable to reach anyone. We don’t like exploits so we wiped it up to reset the encounter (okay, so it wasn’t that noble, I died and as the tank it pretty much means it’s a raid wipe). On our next shot we adjusted so we wouldn’t have stuff spawning in out of reach places and eventually got it down.

It was pretty close (they didn’t spike the head before the mangle was up on me so I got instant killed), but I know we’ve got the hang of it.

We moved over to try out the Conclave of Wind. Which is a really convoluted fight.

Think Four Horsemen in Naxx only on crack because you have to use these ramps that launch you over to the bosses. And there are three bosses instead of four.

For this one we lost someone to DC and they didn’t return so we brought in another person and she ended up being bugged. It was a funny bug, even though it meant she was rendered useless to us. It seemed when she was thrown across by the ramp (think air blast) she’d land on the other side and take damage. That’s not supposed to happen. No damage when riding the air currents from platform to platform. But it didn’t stop there. She’d get tossed back to the previous platform where she’d then get damaged again…and die.

Jokes aside, we tried a number of things including having her log out and back in. Didn’t fix anything. So we adjusted our tactic to leave her on one of the platforms once we rezzed her over there (hehe). We set up and are about to take another crack at it when…. she had to go. So we grabbed another guildie and gave it a couple of more attempts.

We’re making progress, getting them down to below half  – we really just need to sort out our timing and coordinate leaving people on platforms. We’re running into problems where there is no one on one or two of the platforms because we’re all in transition.

Ah well, we’ll sort it out. We always do!


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