Sad Face

The fan on my video appears to have died all together now.

“But Smaken, how are you posting to the interwebs?”

I’m not, I’m posting directly to the brains of those attempting to view this page.

Okay, would you believe I have a cyber-implant that lets me plug right into the internet?

How about I’m typing this with the monitors off?


I have a second computer.


I bought the extended warranty so I can just return it. The main issue I have now is that the system I had was a bit of a beast and they don’t appear to have anything close anymore.


2 thoughts on “Sad Face

  1. I picked up an extended warranty on it that allows for completely swapping the PC. They don’t really have other options. I’ll call in the morning and see if I can’t arrange something like that but it seemed unlikely.

    I guess that’s what I get for buying a packaged system. (Gateway in this case)

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