MMO Stuffs Going On

Lots of other bloggers going on about various MMO related stuff so I’m not going to bother with it here. A lot of the topics are sort of rehashed in a more current time frame. Social responsibility in a MMO? MMOs getting easier? Soloing is good/evil?

Round and round we go. It sort of makes for an interesting read.

One of the newer topics that really scared the crap out of me was that Ysharros hit 85! I expect Hell to freeze over shortly and the world to end after that. (Gratz!)

I did like this blog entry and reflected a little on it because I sort of feel it, but for different reasons. The short of it is Cataclysm changes give players a clear defined path to run on, hand holding them the whole way. It’s not a new topic, but the hand holding is now built into the game as opposed to requiring you to download an addon like QuestHelper, TourGuide or Carbonite.

But that’s not exactly what’s bugging me with WoW at the moment.

I leveled a bunch of characters to(DK, Priest, Mage and I have a Paladin and Hunter too) 80 using TourGuide/TomTom to trivialize the planning part so that stuff really doesn’t bug me.

So what’s bugging you?

Well, my playtime is predetermined. I know exactly what’s going to happen when I log in. As a tank, I’ll get pounced on and asked into a heroic and I can’t help but feel I have to go for a number of reasons; I’m a leader so I have to be there for the people, I am a tank so I drop DPS guildies wait times down to instant (from about 40 minutes which really blows and no, they can’t switch to tank or heals because they’re a DPS class and we need DPS for raids!), it’s good for guild leveling (which I’m not generating a lot of XP for since I’m not on as much for dailies – more guilt) and I do have fun running dungeons, more so with guildies.

It’s win/win until time comes for me to fork out cash for flasks, food or repairs because I’m not getting/making enough time to do the things that generate cash at no cost. This is where I start to feel the hurt. I’ve had less time to do other things that keep the game fun as a whole.

Better time management. That’s what it boils down to.

Again, a theme that has been beaten to death by the blogosphere.


2 thoughts on “MMO Stuffs Going On

  1. It *is* freezing over. It’s 11F here right now in the middle of the day and there’s a snowstorm blanketing half the country. What do you think caused that?! 😀

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