You’re a Very Bad Man, UFTimmy!

I hate you for getting me hooked on Minecraft.

I’d do something about it but I want to carve out a tree farm first. Oh, I found an underground stream! I’ll just shore it up and redirect it to make my dirt for the trees more fertile. Hey look! Iron nodes! I can make some better tools with that! Oh, I still want to build a water slide to get me down to the beach so quickly. Then I can collect sand, turn it into glass and make a lighthouse! Oh and…

What was I going to do before? I forget.. wheeeee!


On another note, I ordered a bunch of Warhammer 40k novels. Gordon and some of the commentators on his blog (We Fly Spitfires) mentioned it and suggest they’re decent. I picked up the first five from the Horus Heresy series (which appears to be more of a series of events within a period of that time) and they should be arriving shortly.

I just realized I typed, “picked up” but actually meant “ordered online”. Oh how things are changing when you consider ordering something and having it delivered to you as “picked up”.

Go go Team Lazy!

I’m looking forward to some sci-fi after devouring Towers of Midnight… at a snail’s pace.


2 thoughts on “You’re a Very Bad Man, UFTimmy!

  1. They arrived the other day, but I haven’t had much time for them. I also keep forgetting them for the trip into/from work. The first few pages read a bit like a history book, but that seems to be laying a foundation.

    For some reason your comment got put in with the spam. You’re an approved commenter now so that shouldn’t happen again.

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