Oh! Computer is Back! WoWOuch

I got my computer back from the shop on the weekend! This is a good thing because I no longer need to share a PC with the boys and wife – wheeee!

Only took them a week. They replaced the video card with one sent from the manufacturer. It’s the same card, but I think it’s slightly different. I don’t believe the previous one had more than one DVI input and I remember being forced to use HDMI for my second monitor.

I’m going to need to switch that cable – if only I could find the box for the monitor which had alternative cables…


Patch 4.0.6 hit yesterday and I have to say the Deathknight Blood Shield ability is not all that powerful in raids though it definitely makes soloing even easier – especially single targets. I suspect we’ll hear complaints about Blood DKs in PVP. I did notice my DPS went up a bit which was expected (Blood tank mode).

The main pain was that my bag addon broke leaving me stuck with multiple bags that are part of the default UI (I hear Ark Inventory isn’t broken but Combuctor and Bagnon seemed to be).

We recently lost a few ranged DPS; one wanted to raid more and said as much (cool to tell us – he was our awesome Gnome Mage of Maloriak Slaying), another left without saying boo (we suspect it is due to a desire to raid more and he had left several times before – no more returning) and the other seems to have literally, disappeared. Can’t find him on Armory and his alts haven’t been touched in a few days which is incredibly weird for this guy – we suspect he was hacked and hasn’t contacted us yet.

So… that hurt our 10 man raid team some.

Last night we ended up PUGing two folks; Druid healer and a Mage (after our leader boomkin had to bail for work). It went well enough though we’ve taken steps back in progression because of it. Last week we one shotted Magmaw and Omnitron, moved on to down Maloriak in a more obvious pwn after several attempts (or last attempt left only our gnome mage standing while our angel of shame kept him alive for the last 100k). And then we spanked the PVP boss.

This week?

I think it took us three attempts for Magmaw (the PUG Druid had never done it before). I got to DPS which was nice and once I remembered I should be using Death Coil for a RP dump, I then proceeded to remember I also needed to use my Gargoyle too! I ended up top for one attempt and near top for the others. (Go me!)

For Omnitron we brought in another PUG, a mage who was from the same guild as the Druid we brought in. He put up some good numbers but we were definitely missing our gnome mage of awesomeness. This took us a few attempts with some mess ups and lack of slows on the toxic slimes (previously we had a hunter and a mage slowing them down), but we ended up sorting it out and got it done. (I was pleased to tank two of the trons for awhile after we lost the other tank to slimes hehe)

I think some people didn’t realize just how good that guy was. I know a few of us did, but I think it was lost on others. He did little extra things that made the raids easier while still sustaining top notch DPS. This PUG substitute seemed to be more about the DPS – not a bad thing since he did deliver it.

The Druid made out like a bandit, scoring two raid pieces.

These folks were saved to the PVP boss so we replaced them and mugged the PVP boss.

That was the extent of the raid night.

It’s a set back to be sure, but not one that is insurmountable. We’ll fill the spots and sort out the new members so they get familiar with the fights and move on to progressing through the raid areas.


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