Another Boss Down

Despite having lost some key DPS (two Hunters and a Mage) and facing another setback where our Holy Priest healer has to stop playing WoW indefinitely because real life is taking a toll on him, we STILL managed to field a team of eight raiders, one recruit (fortunately a Resto Shaman) and one PUG.

We then proceeded to clobber Conclave of Wind, Maloriak and Halfus.

No Mage.

No Hunter.

No worries (except Tim’s usual pessimism).

The ‘No Hunter’ thing really hurt for one of the trash pulls before Maloriak – damn drake enraged and we didn’t have any Tranq which made it messy, but also amusing.

Did you know that Drakes can use the elevator? We did and it gives a whole new meaning to ‘elevator boss’, especially when it devours one of the tanks on the way down.

We also realized we were missing Hunters because all of our ranged DPS were DoT casters so no real up front damage dealers for breaking ice blocks (Maloriak). No worries, I Death Coiled them free.

I tank, I interrupt, I free our people from ice tombs! Oh yes, I’m that awesome!

For Remedy buff we had our Resto Shaman purge them if the Fellhunter didn’t get it. (I’ll refrain from noting how awesome it was for him to heal and purge since it might detract from how awesome I am – but it is still pretty awesome)

Sadly several Hunter viable jewelry/trinket items dropped which went to a Feral druid offspec.

Raid party consisted of:

  1. Blood Deathknight (Me) – tank
  2. Protection Paladin – tank
  3. Holy Paladin – healer
  4. Restoration Shaman – healer
  5. Restoration Shaman (recruit) – healer
  6. Frost Deathknight – melee
  7. Retribution Paladin – melee
  8. Balance Druid – ranged
  9. Affliction Warlock – ranged
  10. Shadow Priest (PUG) – ranged

In a word?



One thought on “Another Boss Down

  1. But our role versatility was far surpassed by our totems the buffs from which were unmtached and by the fact that we were the only class who could offer the biggest and best raid CD in game Bloodlust. And do check out the comments section some of the blast-from-the-past responses are hilarious! Totems were the very definition of our utility and a defining element of our class.

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