Anyone who has ever done recruiting or been an officer in a guild may actually cringe at what I’m about to say…

We’re going to add a group of four friends into our guild and try to integrate them into our raid team.

Scary, no?

I know it brought up a lot of reservations in the officer core of our guild – namely me and another… and someone who was formerly an officer but stepped down however still has his hands in things because he’s the web admin.

Others voiced some concerns through tells – and I did get those – which were a good number of things which we already thought of. Maybe I’m being overly optimistic but I think it could work. I’ve made it clear that they won’t always be raiding together and that their number puts us into overlap state which means we’ll need to rotate people in and out.

They seem friendly and willing to socialize which is a big thing. If they were a little more reserved I would have had second thoughts with the concerns about a closed-clique forming.

The were part of an officer core previously, just on a really bad server for recruiting/raiding. They have made it clear they know it’s a scary thing to do and that a lot of guilds wouldn’t take them all, just wanting one or two of them.

But I’m going to be more positive (but keep an eye open for other concerns).

These folk should add enough people to the raid team that we won’t need to PUG spots and people can have a break here or there (like the tanks or healers). They’ve got a good sense of humor (hey, they survived all the mom jokes Tim and others were putting down) and appear to be mature.

It’s an opportunity to increase the activity of the guild and make sure we’re not scrambling for people come raid time.

Better still, I’m hoping we won’t have to train people through the first bosses again. Seems like every week we’re training a PUG (or more) how to do a fight. It’ll be nice to retain that information. 🙂

I’m staying positive.


7 thoughts on “Timebomb?

  1. Keeping my fingers crossed. I think either way this will end up in some extreme; extremely awesome and everything will turn out much better than we could have ever expected — or conversely extremely horrible, ripping the very essence and fiber of the guild apart, causing mass casualties and creating bitter enemies for all eternity.

  2. The core is pretty solid and have been together for awhile so if anything explodes us, it will be Blizzard or some unforeseen event external to the game.

    If things go south with these four, there always is the guild remove option. I’m REALLY hoping I don’t have to use it because they seem decent players, easy going and were really impressed with our raid climate. It appears to be a win/win for everyone.

    We’ve raided with two of them, I talked to the Mage last night (they suggested she was the most critical/difficult to appease of them all) and she seemed nice, had a few questions and was just as concerned about climate and being able to get along. I made a point to note that we will likely need to have a rotation which means they won’t always be in the raid together. That didn’t phase her at all, she (and the others) understood and were good with that.

    Time will tell though!

    p.s. There was more interest in running an extra day so we’ll try and see how that goes starting with tonight! The extra night should make the rotation of people feel less of an impact if we end up raiding progression content.

  3. I wish you luck and I am sure initially things will go well but my past experiences would lead me to find it scary as well. False expectations, lack of participation, perceived indifference’s of other people, differences in guild direction (especially when previous guild officers join), etc. can all lead to guild “drama”. That just kills guilds especially for me as I look at it as a game and people take it way too seriously.

  4. Oh and extra night is a good idea – I would throw in there potentially different time as well. It seems to me the people wanting an extra night play a bit earlier and we could get things done sooner ( which means extra sleep time )

  5. Earlier start times are tough for some people (mainly the folks in charge) but if people want to show up earlier and get going – I’m good with that, especially for the extra day or non-officer run events.

    for example, There was nothing stopping Evan from trying to run a non-progression raid at another time short of the fact that earlier times didn’t seem to suit the majority of the players.

    @Curious George – that has been my experience as well before but the people involved were often younger, never had been in a leadership role where they might have had to deal with it or had mental issues. 🙂 This crew seems different. I gotta a feeling!

    On the other hand, even when the “group” was myself and a long time gaming buddy (10 years plus) joined a guild as a tank/healer duo. It caused a bit of issues because, as friends who talked all day long, we’d end up logging in at the same time and playing together. It meant other tanks had to find a healer or other healers had to find a tank.

    That sort of drama is sort of selfish and almost pointless but it’s not easy to think of it that way when you’re ‘being left out’. Consider that if they weren’t in the guild your situation wouldn’t be any different – you’d still need to find a tank or heals.

    Again, I don’t know that the current membership will have these issues.

  6. We will see. I know I have a few concerns about it. I wasn’t overly impressed by the Pally tank seeing how we downed Malorak with a PUG and recruit the week prior. Time will tell the hard part is letting your guard down to except them.

  7. Doing that ‘add tank’ job is tough. I tried it once or twice and gave it back to Mike partly because I don’t quite have the mechanisms to easily grab three mobs as a Paladin does with the shield toss.

    I’d taunt one, death grip the other and flail about looking for another ranged ability that draws more agro than Tim does with his healing. If I managed to snag it, I’d lose one of the others. If I tried using Death and Decay at range to nab two then taunt or Death Grip the other, I’d miss out on my main AOE threat builder. If someone ‘brought’ them to me, I could hold them down but that would require some Hunters using MD.

    Yeah, it’s easier as a Paladin but Mike makes also everything look easy. He’s crazy good. I was watching some of the stuff he was doing on Dennis’ Boomkin – man. LOL

    The new guy will get it, it’s just going to take some practice. Also it’ll be a little easier now that the add tank won’t get ice tombed anymore. That sort of kills threat for a bit and makes it tough to collect the adds all over again.

    With practice, he’ll get it.

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