Ow… and Still Doing Well

I’m a bit sore from tubing yesterday. It was pretty cold out there so my back seems to have tightened up and is protesting. I was a bit wiped so I also didn’t make it through the usual Monday TV line up. I managed to watch Chuck, then House (which was really good) and crashed within the first 15 minutes of Castle so I didn’t get to Hawaii Five-O.

Please don’t spoil Castle for me.. though I realize it’s a two part episode.

The LLO took over my computer yesterday morning, insistent that he play Minecraft with his big brother. He had a lot of fun running around building stuff and ‘hunting’. He would run upstairs to the living room, give me and TheWife an update, then run back down and continue playing. The exception being the time I ran down there because I heard some yelling and then crying. He got blown up by a Creeper – which upset him, but I managed to recover his (oh wait, *my*) stuff.

I discovered he remapped all the movement keys to use the arrows making it more obvious which key does what. I’m going to get him to keep trying to use my key setup because it’ll better for his future gaming career.

In WoW we took a run at Bastion of Twilight (that was Sunday night) and scored a bunch of epic world drops which were gobbled up by members who could use them (including an awesome Hunter or Rogue Trinket). Man, there is a lot of trash mobs in there.

Halfus took a bit of work but we got him down and moved on to Valiona and … the other one. It was the first time there and the fight has a lot of little mechanics to sort out and remember.

Personally, I think Atramedes would have been easier, but that’s just me.

We had a little overflow so we’re ironing out the priority system. It used to be Raiders who are on time, accepted the invite in the calendar getting the nod over others but we were adjusting how we handled sign ups so I suspect there is a lot of confusion about it.

We’re going to use the in game calendar.

As soon as we get the new recruits added into the events.

We had two of the new recruits in the raid and they seemed to do well, adjusting when asked and doing expected amounts of DPS. It will be good to see their numbers (we run logs) on less chaotic fights that don’t have damage bonuses making the numbers tougher to gauge.

I only had a brief look at the tank ones. Again, tough to gauge. The other tank (aiming more at avoidance than I am) took less % melee hits though I was tanking two drakes and then all the little drakelings so that might make it tougher to compare since I faced off against the RNG a little more than he did. More numbers, better results.

I haven’t looked at the heal numbers yet but from comments during the raid itself, it looks like Mike is giving Tim a run for his money in the healing charts (if not beating him in some attempts). Tim is more mana efficient so has longer staying power (“That’s what she said!”). Our Resto Shaman recruit is continuing to do awesome.

The new recruits appear to be fitting in well. They fit the culture so we don’t have to censor ourselves. It’s nice not having to contain my awesomeness.


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