I’m not sure how, but I got sucked into picking it up. It was a combination of peer pressure from work… well… peers and other gaming buddies.

The reality is, I like have multiple games available to me to play and my WoW progression is currently limited to leveling my previous main (Smaken – Worgen Hunter), leveling a Rogue (which was sitting at level one since release and is now level 8 only because the LBO played him for a bit) and raiding. I’m not up for achievement hunting on Kremus like I did with Smaken because I already did that with Smaken… and Lannister (who is now renamed to Lukanos).

Despite that, I don’t feel like I have a lot of time to play so I’m guessing I’ll end up mucking around with Rift a couple of hours per week at best.

Feeling an urge to play something else and something different about a month or two ago I picked up DC Universe Online. I fiddled with it for two weeks, noted the kids had no real interest in it and so I canceled it. I’m not sure if this is going to be the same but I’ll see.

I do have Minecraft on the go and it is consuming many of my late nights and some of the times available during the day when I play it along side the LBO. Even the LLO has taken an interest in it which probably means I need another computer.

So squeeze in TV night, two (possibly three) raid nights and Pathfinder night then find time for Rift and Minecraft.

I suppose I could play Minecraft while playing Rift…

Minecraft has a wicked hold on me when I have an idea I want to see if I can implement. I think I lost most of Saturday playing it to rebuild my ‘house’ which I’m still not happy with. I made it too big on the tower part so it looks squat instead of tall. I’ll work up the will to tear down a portion of it and scale back the square footage in order to make it appear taller… since I am coming close to the world ceiling (clouds are almost passing through the top most level.

Let’s see how it goes, maybe it won’t make it through the first month.



2 thoughts on “Rift.

  1. I haven’t even tried it yet – totally an impulse buy for me.

    Everyone I hear talk about it (Frank, Scott, Darin) says it’s basically WoW but different graphics and some other devices. Others don’t want it compared to WoW but I think they’re deluding themselves. Everyone seems to agree that it’s really stable and polished.

    I’ll let you know what I think when I get to try it.

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