Rift Woes?

As could be expected, the servers were full with 300ish queues (at least for where I tried). Then I had a bunch of disconnects while trying to connect to the server itself. Then I got disconnected and discovered they took the servers down. They’re back up but locked.

Launch days are tough.

One thing annoys me – when on the server select and they’re all locked the Cancel button is disabled. I guess it wouldn’t serve any purpose to cancel at that point.

Will the list auto refresh?



4 thoughts on “Rift Woes?

  1. I got in after they reset the servers. Seems they added three more servers; PVE, PVE and RP.

    I ended up on a RP server Estrael or something like that because it wasn’t full so no queue.

    Started a Rogue: Assassin, Nightblade and Blademaster which is neat. The Nightblade aspect adds some deadly range and if I get to you I can unload hehe.

    Flipped to a Warrior which I’m planning to try Paladin, Warlord and Rift Knight out. But that might be later. Kid time.

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