Minecraft Antics

I haven’t talked a lot about Minecraft lately despite playing it a fair bit with the LittleBigOgre. It’s one of things I do with him while he’s awake.

We’re playing on a private server run by TheMonkey, a friend of UFTimmy’s. Monkey is a good admin, backs things up, adds in stuff that makes our lives easier – including a mod that lets you set a home point and teleport easily to it and adding LBO to a ‘sensitives’ list which allows him to put ‘god mode’ on himself.

Let me tell you that saves me a lot of pain. LBO used to get pretty upset over losing some of his stuff for various reasons. Usually he’d die carrying a bunch of stuff he really wanted to keep then have to get all the way back to where we are from the spawn point. I put myself a fair bit away from the spawn point and he’d get lost and die again. If I left him to his own devices he’d never make it back to where he was before his stuff despawned. So his avatar dying meant him panicking, getting upset and me having to stop what I’m doing to get him back to where he was.

Not so much of an issue anymore. To be fair, he was getting better about it and only really getting upset when he was too tired but this avoids that entirely. It also puts him in a bit of a ‘protector’ mode. He knows he’s invulnerable so he will offer to protect me from the Zombies, Skeletons, Spiders and Creepers. He likes that playing that role and only charges me the gold, lapis lazuli and diamonds I find in my mines. He takes the red stone dust too, but I can usually manage to get him to hand that over.

Who knew he’d turn out to be running a Minecraft protection racket?

LBOgre: Whaddya mean you don’t have diamonds or gold for me this week?
Smaken: I haven’t found any nodes so things are a little tight this week.
LBOgre: I’m sorry to hear that. You’re going to owe me double next week or else. *plants TNT next to my house*
Smaken: *gulp*

I kid, it’s more like he patrols the mines and areas. He likes being useful and that he can do something I can’t (I can, but I let him do it anyway).

The main downside of him being invulnerable is that he doesn’t fear Creepers so much. As can be witnessed by the massive holes in around my home area. I think I spent more time filling them in than exploring or mining.

His house has expanded quite a bit. Originally it was across the lake (my attempt at keeping the Creeper holes away) where he built a stone house then a garden area then decided to build a treehouse (sort of). It was pretty nice that he was over there doing stuff and coming to visit from time to time, but leaving me to rebuild my house all over again.

Recently he decided he wanted to be closer so he built another house at the bottom of my hill. To clear the area he used TNT, graciously given to him by Monkey, then used up most of the cobblestone I brought up out of my mine. It then expanded to have a small house for the LLO (which isn’t complete yet, but I so love that he’s thinking about his little brother without those thoughts being angry or hate-filled) and then he wanted to build a vault, just like Timmy has. We worked on that some yesterday. It doesn’t really look like Tim’s vault, but it’s using the wooden stair/chest trick to put a bunch of chests in one area. Still working on that.

Meanwhile I keep eyeballing my place and thinking, “I made it too big. It’s base is too big. Makes it look squat instead of tall. I have too many windows on the sides, there is supposed to be only one. *grumble* *grumble*”. I’m debating tearing it down but I don’t know. I’ve done some work on the interior.

I also started mucking around with using redstone dust. I put in a switch for double doors, pressure plate pickaxe dispenser and tried to put a toggled switch for iron double doors on the gate on my floating platform. That didn’t go over so well after because it wasn’t originally designed with being able to hide the redstone dust stuff. It actually sits a block above the surface of the lake heh. I sort of gave up on it for now because I realized I’d need to dig under the platform, add a bunch of dirt or stone and redesign the gatehouse to make hiding the dust easier.


One the weekend we went searching for pumpkins. LBO had a few pumpkins that he turned into jack-o-lanterns that went missing during one of his many deaths. We decided we’d go searching for some. I deposited all my stuff so I wouldn’t lose anything worthwhile and he did the same. UFTimmy made him a mod and I put him on god mode, then UFTimmy took mod privs away – God mode stuck (this was before Monkey made him a ‘sensitive’).  Off we went exploring for pumpkins.

It took us most of the morning but he eventually found some pumpkins, only four though.

All that said and done, he’s learning some good things. Some words, materials, some basic physics (I take a lot of that for granted but when he makes an observation without being told about it, it’s a good feeling for me), math, planning, patience, some strategy (like dumping gravel onto Creepers or other mobs) and some other things I can’t think of at the moment. It’s helping him with his temper some. Recently he got mad about getting lost in the single player game, dying and so he lost some stuff. In a temper tantrum he deleted that save game and regretting afterward.

I think that’s a lesson he definitely needed to learn and I’d rather it be on something like Minecraft than something more tangible – say like putting your foot through a glass cabinet cover or biting your brother or kicking your brother through a closest door. (Sometimes I can’t believe the stuff the little ogres do to each other, then I think back and remember… I did the same or worse to my brother and he did his fair share of stupid things to me as well.)

Now I’m debating what to do next. Do I dig another mine? Do I expand the second mine? Clear out the first one some more?

I might have to go on another pumpkin hunt with the boy… though maybe I can buy myself some quiet time if I get god mode put on my account and let the LLO go pumpkin hunting with his big brother?

Last time the LLO played, he got me killed by a Creeper (LBO didn’t have god mode on, but he had a bow and arrows so he took the Creeper down) and got really upset. Worried that I’d be mad or that he’d lose my stuff. I explained that it’s all replaceable and not a worry – it’s just a game. I ran him back to the area we play in (no /home option in at that time) and let him continue along.

So maybe I’ll let them go pumpkin hunting together and watch a movie with TheWife?


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