WTB Something!

My birthday is coming on on Saturday and TheWife is completely stumped on what to get me so she asked me what I want. I couldn’t figure anything out so I said I’ll think on it or maybe just go buy myself something “from her”.

I took tomorrow off and part of the plan was to do that, go look for something to get myself as a present. I’ve wracked my brain cell (all one of them) trying to decide on what to get me.

What do you get someone that is so totally awesome that they already have everything they want?

I considered electronic devices but they don’t appeal to me. I have no interest in a tablet and could see myself using it for anymore more than checking email (which I almost never do), FaceBook (meh), maybe browsing when I’m not near a computer. I’ve little interest in the apps provided on those devices. I momentarily considered picking it up as an e-reader but again, meh. I like collecting books and having them available for when I want them without worry about some device not being charged. And if it was more than an e-reader I would never be able to find it because TheWife or little ones will have played with it then forgotten where they put it.

I considered a laptop but again, I’d either rarely use it or my family would use it. In a round about way I’d end up not having to boot LLO or TheWife off my PC. But that’s not really a gift for me. Meh.

I debated a Blu-ray player for the TV upstairs. Eyeballed a package deal that Best Buy has for a PS3 package (PS3 320gb, Karate Kid bluray, some racing game and another action game that looked need along with an actual bluray remote) for 299.99$. Again, sort of meh. I already have a PS3 hooked up to the basement TV which is doubling as a bluray (plugged into the stereo system).

I think I’ve decided on a new computer desk. It’s somewhat unappealing, but I definitely do need a new one. We’re going to have to move the damn thing this weekend and I don’t think it’ll survive.

TheWife has been sending me links to desks and I’ve been replying asking her to share whatever she is drinking or smoking with me.

I’ve poked through the desks and don’t see any that suit me.


I’m so hard to shop for!


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