At a Loss.

I’m not sure what to say here so I’ll ramble.


I haven’t done much with this game either. I get on to play along with LBO mostly after supper or after homework. I think I spent most of the time helping him with his vault and building a boardwalk from his new house to my area.

Our main mine has become filled with Slimes which won’t seem to die. I suspect there is an issue with the multiplayer version or some add-on the server is using because we ran into Slimes in the single player and were able to dispose of them easily enough. With that in mind, I created, “Mine 2” which he calls, “Mine B” – I had named the first mine, “Mine A”. I’m like that.

After digging down to the bottom and sorting out a cave on the way down, I set up an area at the bottom. As soon as I discovered gold, LBO appeared to swipe it. I don’t mind, he likes it and I really don’t have any use for gold in Minecraft. He them proceeded to randomly dig in various directions. I managed to find some diamonds he missed, then proceeded to jump over a bit of cobblestone he placed and into a pool of lava.

Good bye diamonds, diamond swords and diamond pick I was carrying.

I decided to work topside for a bit. I cleared away some of the trees around my area to avoid stuff spawning in the tree tops then dropping down and blowing holes in my lawn. I had a bunch of saplings so I took them across to a more distant island and planted them all about.

That’s when I remembered the little house I built on top  of a cliff and what was to be a mine under it. I crept away without LBO knowing and concealed the mine and proceeded to create a work area at the bottom of it. When I discovered a few more diamonds I claimed them and told him I was in, “Mine C” which is hidden away where he can’t find it. He was okay with that… though I bet he’s looking for it.


I played Rift a fair bit on Friday since I took the day off. That was fun until they took the server down for a couple of hours.

I ended up watching a movie called, “Takers” while waiting. It was so-so.

I popped back on and fuddled around some more. The more I play it, the more I have to admit I like it. I crashed pretty early (even though LBO had a friend over for a sleepover) on that day because was I dead tired.

I have three characters created on Estrael server.

The Warrior has stalled because I find it a little too slow to kill things though I did get her Armorsmithing up to the point of using Copper.

My Rogue is up to 21 now, he’s been my main focus. For some reason, I really enjoy the Assassin class with a little Nightblade mixed in (I absolutely love the 30 meter ranged mez ability). The pace seems much faster, damage numbers are up there and it just seems fun. I continued focusing on playing him on the Saturday morning/afternoon where I got to run through the Realm of the Fae (dungeon). It was pretty neat, especially in feel of the seasons by area, though fairly simple as far as difficulty goes. We had a Rift Stalker (Rogue) tanking for us, which was pretty cool!

I picked up the other Souls so they’re available for use in my talent trees. I took a stab at a Ranger/Marksman/Saboteur but didn’t enjoy it as much as the Assassin/Nightblade/Blade Dancer so I switched back.

I’m into Gloamwood though I pretty much stalled for most of Sunday. We had to move furniture around and what not.

My Cleric is a Druid/Shaman/Justicar which I created to play along side UFTimmy’s Warrior – he was nice and took the day off to play Rift with me (he just picked it up the night before).  I’m pretty sure he didn’t need too much of a reason to take a day off and play games, but I’ll pretend he did it to have some fun playing games with me on my ‘almost’ birthday.

I haven’t played this class too far yet, only to level 8 or so. It definitely seemed interesting but I was missing having any heals that I could actively cast. I think when I can, I will remove the Justicar soul and swap in the Warden one – at least that way I get a DoT I can cast. I think I have one other instant cast heal that is on a pretty significant cooldown.


Missed the weekend meeting and the raid. I was sort of there for the meeting but really not because of kids being distracting and all sorts of issues with the Ventrilo server we were using including several spikes up over 14,000 ping followed by disconnects.

I missed the raid because I had to disconnect the computers and bring them upstairs. We had the carpet in the basement replaced. It’s nothing fancy, just very sturdy and supposedly 100% stain proof. I’m not going to put that to the test.

I haven’t made a lot of time for WoW really, though on the bright side I found the LBOgre’s authenticator! So if he wants to try it out again, he can.

I really don’t have a lot left to do in WoW other than raid, do some Baradin Hold dailies for the land mount, run the daily heroic or farm stuff – maybe level some alts. None of that is appealing outside of raiding.


That’s my last week in a nutshell.

Oh, apparently we’re here because of Ancient Astronauts… or some race of aliens genetically created us to use as slaves for mining gold which they needed for their home planet’s atmosphere.

Maybe that explains the LBO’s obsession over gold in Minecraft? Or maybe even the odd draw to Minecraft despite it’s simplicity?

Aliens programmed us to be that way.


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