Recruiter, I Am Not

Lost those four people that joined as a group. They were mostly looking for a more active and social guild that raided, different raid times and more of a central role within the raid team.

Makes you wonder why they applied seeing as how we were really up front about the raid times, fact that we’d have to start rotating people in and out because adding all four of them put us over the 10 man limit – but I get the social aspect. We’re pretty quiet outside of raid times and a lot of us aren’t on during the day.

Oh we also lost a member to Rift so we’re down five.

Last week of raids I believe we managed to down Magmaw after 2.5 hours of trying with a new tank (I really do give her credit because she only started playing the game two months ago) and some PUGs that weren’t nuking the parasites and doing stuff they were supposed to be doing. I switched in to tank and we got it.

I missed the Sunday raid because I had to take the computers apart for carpet installation the next day… on the floor, not the computers. They downed another boss after a fair bit of time working on it – Omnitron. They did some work on Maloriak but didn’t get him down.

Hard to believe we’ve had these mobs on farm status a month ago… then struggled with an influx of new people, back to farm status and now back to struggling. Though we ended up canceling the raid last night because we had five people show, none of which were primarily healers. We PUGed some spots and did Baradin Hold PVP boss since we had it.

Back to recruiting.

I drew up a post that I’ve submitted to the leader and other officers. I have doubts it’ll get approved, so I’m hoping they’ll add some feedback. I figure I’ll share it here. Let me know what you think:

What we are looking for:

Older, mature people that have a number of responsibilities outside of game that forces them into playing at limited times after said responsibilities are done with. We’re going to raid from 9:30pm ET to 12:00am ET two times a week. If five hours a week is good enough for you and you’re talented, you’re potentially a good fit.

You’ll need to have a sense of humor because we like to have fun – it’s a game, not a business or job. You’ll also need a fair bit of patience because everyone else in this guild has likely had just as busy a day as you have had (maybe more, but let’s not whip them out and measure) so things might not always get off to a good start or run on time (it hasn’t been too much of a problem as of yet).

You want to escape outside stuff for a short time and have fun? That’s us. On raid nights… maybe other nights, but no guarantees for the other nights. If you can’t make raid times, let us know in advance. Real life stuff > Guild stuff. We get it – make sure you do because it applies to people in charge as it does to the raid team or members.

What we are not looking for:

Younger folk that want a highly active guild and require hand holding and an officer presence to justify their being in the game and part of the guild on a frequent (twitter feed-like) basis. Most of us are not going to be on all day. Why?

I’ll quote a friend who was severely intoxicated and was asked, “You sure you can’t stay later?”

“I work motherfucker!”

That applies to most of us here in this guild.

If you want to raid more than fives hours a week, you’re not likely going to be happy here because that’s not what we’re about. WoW is a game, it has it’s place as a game, not a second life.

If you’re looking for a center stage role in a raid team or in a guild where you get oodles of positive attention heaped upon you – you’re not going to get that here (positive attention is all mine!).

If you can’t get over that boyfriend/girlfriend/bothfriend/cat/dog/gerbil who is leaving/gone missing/dying/stuck then you don’t want to be here, we’re not a support group.

We’re also not here to get you through that awkward phase of life known as ‘adolesence’; consider talking with teachers, parents, grandparents, social workers, nearest homeless person or anyone other than us about it.

Drama is ignored, scorned or mocked… mostly mocked. And mostly mocked by Timbits.


If you are a smokingly hot woman (preferably from birth) and willing to post naked pictures of yourself, we can and will make exceptions. We will also do our best to assist you in doing so granting technical support, hosting space or anything needed to get those pictures (or videos!) up there.

I don’t think too many tweaks are needed…



2 thoughts on “Recruiter, I Am Not

  1. Well you’re on different server than we are and waaaaaay behind us on content. We’ve got Magmaw, Omnitron, Maloriak, Halfus, Valiona, Conclave of Winds all down. We were working on Atramedes and doing well enough there before things fell apart.


    Love the name (blog and guild names) though.

    Good luck with the recruiting too 🙂

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