Goblin Fun!

The LBO found his authenticator after we sorted out the basement so he immediately wanted me to reactivate his account. I did so and also tacked on the Cataclysm expansion and later in the day also transfered his level 70 Paladin over to Stormrage.

Blizzard’s making a killing off me…

He fiddled around on his Paladin a bit but wanted me to play with him and I don’t have a character in the 70 range – they’re all 80-85. He decided it’d be good to try out the Goblin race.. because they were green and looked cool. So we made a pair of goblins (on some ‘new players recommended’ PVE server); he went Hunter and I went Shaman.

That start was a lot of fun, though I think it’s shorter than the Worgen one or maybe I haven’t really played enough of the Worgen one to determine that. I think was about level 13 when I was done with the Goblin start area and got dumped off into Ogrimmar.

We haven’t been back to play them since. Instead he’s been questing in Coldara area. I was pretty impressed that he was getting most of the quests sorted out on his own, without much help from me. I did help him through the Nexus, twice. It’s pretty easy to run through regular Nexus as a level 85 Blood DK. I was surprised his Paladin didn’t get killed at all.

He also created a DK (I think that’s about his fifth or sixth DK) so I helped him through the starting area. He’s set up in TBC’s Hellfire Peninsula but keeps popping back over to the old world because he wants to make cash by killing stuff in STV.

I transfered my Druid over who is level 60 so a suitable level to accompany his DK.

You’re welcome Blizzard.

I don’t know if anyone was thinking I was leaving WoW, but I’m not. This should be a clear indication of that.


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