Settlers the MMO?

Imagine a MMO where you collect a guild of people and settle a hostile area. You have classes or professions that could be useful in building a village or town or, eventually, a city.

As you build, the wider the area you can build on grows – think of it like the ‘creep’ from Starcraft (the first one). This building area would be locked down to your guild – no one else could build on it but your people. I’m still thinking about how it would be MMO vs. a multiplayer game or server based game like Minecraft can be – maybe that is all it is.

Areas built outside of your ‘guild’ area are considered neutral and unprotected but also impede growth of guilds through that area as it reserves the spot and a small area around it. That could lead to guilds negotiating with the owner to hand over ownership or squashing it.

How’d you handle people trying to attack the town when no one is around? I’m having a hard time thinking of this one. Do you have artificial non-combat times? Allow the owners to set a time that the attack window is open sort of like what Global Agenda does? I think there would have to be a number of windows or a certain amount of time open per day or week. If it’s not scheduled, then it gets lumped at the end or something?

You could sort of do that with Minecraft – it has elements of survival in it, but then everyone can do everything and almost everything. It’d need a more refined crafting system that would let you build set items/structures. I suppose it’d be like Vanguard’s crafting results (though not necessarily the system – maybe).

Also, you’d want less random critters – you’d want some, but you’d also want some invasions or raiders attacking from time to time. You’d want them to have towns as well, towns or villages or caves or something you could clobber and prevent future attacks.

PVP, again, would have to be carefully controlled. Maybe semi-open out in the wilderness? Perhaps have a guardsman class that could kill or ban the player from the city area – making it so they cannot get into the town or guild area by normal means? Or perhaps flagged as a criminal and obvious to all occupants?

Just some ideas…


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