The Customer is Always Right!

Except when they’re wrong. And we’re wrong a lot.


Most of the time, we consumers have no clue what we want. Oh sure, if it’s a matter of color, we know, “I like blue.” Well, most of the time. Women (and some men… who are overly feminine) sometimes pander back and forth about colors or designs on things. What they really want is attention and approval, even if it’s not blatantly obvious to them.

Why do you think your significant other gets upset if you reply with an uninterested, “mmmhmm,” when they ask you if you like how something looks on them? Attention and approval. Don’t believe me? Try the extreme ends of approving or disliking the item they’re trying out sometime. One extreme will probably get you laid while the other will definitely get you in trouble – I’ll let you figure out which is which.

Take WoW for example. People have been bitching forever that it’s too easy. Blizzard changes that with Cataclysm and people start complaining it’s too hard, complicated, convoluted, etc. and then jump over to Rift which is a lot alike WoW (you’re an idiot if you think otherwise – blind idiot) only much easier.

People liked WoW much like they paying for overpriced coffee at Starbucks. It’s decent coffee and on top of the coffee you get bitching about the price as something to do. People liked bitching about how easy things were. They liked being able to push the envelopes and then poo-poo their friends’ accomplishments citing their own ridiculous exploits. It makes them feel better about themselves.

And Blizzard took that away.

So let’s all go play Rift.


6 thoughts on “The Customer is Always Right!

  1. I read it all, and I probably agree with most of it. However, I still cling to the hope that later in the game the rifts will cause people to become better at working as a team, instead of the way the rifts are closed in Silverwood now- zerg style. And I have to admit a number of things seem easier then I expected. Maybe I am picking smart soul combinations but I am beginning to suspect it is easier then perhaps it should be (but again my experience stops at lvl 26).

  2. Not quite sure I agree with much here, other than the fact that Rift is like WoW (and EQ2 and Aion, and….)

    It’s not easier. Rift may be simpler, but it’s not easier to level than in WoW. WoW is insanely easy to begin with. I was in Heroic Dungeons two days after Cata was released.

    Cata completely turned me off because it is not enough. For the revenues that Blizzard/Activision gains from the 8-10 Million accounts out there, it’s beyond pitiful that the couldn’t make an expansion that was more fun-filled and content laden than the crap they threw together. It was reuse, reuse, reuse. Even “new” bosses in dungeons re-used old boss mechanics…

    I’m not 50 yet in Rift, seems RL and some serious study time on new technologies have kept me away from playing much, but Rift does one thing – it keeps me interested with new content. Maybe in a month it will all be old and I’ll be bored again, but sitting in Stormwind waiting to be wisked away to a queued dungeon wasn’t my idea of fun.

  3. You could be right that it isn’t easier or you could be impacted by the fact that you’re looking at new content (maps, quests, or mobs) through slightly different UI (journal and map system) which is adding a small learning curve or making it feel somewhat more difficult. You also have the added distraction of Rifts, footholds and invasions which, definitely, add a degree of stress (used lightly).

    I agree with your third paragraph entirely – especially if you were into heroics two days after release. You must have played a lot in those two days or had beta experience to know where to go or what to do?

    Still, there definitely wasn’t a lot of new content unless you were starting over – and even then, it died off as soon as you hit TBC and WotLK levels. I was getting at the lack of content and things to do with my post here: (mostly the later parts of the post).

    It didn’t take me two days, but I was definitely rep capped, capped Enchanting/Alchemy/Archaeology (almost) and had with the best stuff I could get out of dungeons and heroics in around a month. I’ve been left with raiding or doing heroics for Valor Points since – oh or grinding Tol Barad dailies for tokens to get the mounts (I already have the drake). Definitely disappointing.

    I haven’t played a lot of Rift, but I quickly leveled to 24 on one character. I don’t really see the progression slowing down and short of the odd time that multiple invasion groups overlap and people don’t realize it, there hasn’t been much of a challenge.

    Actually, I take that back – there was a challenging fight where UFTimmy (playing a Bard) and I (playing an Assassin) duo’ed a group 3 mob. It was fun and exciting because one screw up and we’d die, but it was also short lived.

    I’m not really trying to slam Rift, but I think people are flocking to it because Blizzard made a number of mistakes with Cataclysm. Right up there was making some of the higher content too hard for the average player. Other problems include too much focus on reinventing the lower level game instead of adding lots of content for higher levels. Changing the feel of a good many classes was another mistake.

  4. “undefinedblog” here….

    I think people are flocking to Rift because it’s new. And let’s face it, WoW is OLD in Internet gaming terms. And, as good as the lore, the questing, the whatever is in WoW, the graphics have a lot to be desired. They’re, cartoon-like, and personally I’ve never got used to them.

    You seem to have a theme going that Rift is too easy, not challenging enough, ect. The “lack of a challenge” you talk about here isn’t isolated to Rift. You can’t honestly believe that WoW isn’t lacking in the challenge department. Yes, people can talk about BC raid mobs being difficult, but I played WoW in it’s infancy, and it was very easy, somewhat boring. I left because of that. It *was* too easy. It *was* too simple. I should have stayed because the player base was rewarded with BC. And by all accounts BC was WoW’s Renaissance era. That expansion still feeds WoW today with reused content and bosses.

    You and I are both old enough to remember when EQ was the top MMO and WoW came out and all the fights and arguments about how stupid WoW was; and that Adults played EQ and the kids played WoW becuase it was easy…

    Looking back, I find those arguments without merit. People played WoW because it was FUN. People left EQ because it became NOT FUN.

    I think that in all these games, year after year, expansion after expansion, the overall vision is lost, and the gaming experience becomes convoluted and needs a good cleaning out. I think WoW is far overdue for that. Perhaps on the tails of a not so great expansion and perhaps with Rift putting a small “chink” in WoW’s MMO armor, Bizzavison will work on a “real” expansion and breathe some life into WoW.

  5. People are going to it because it is new and it is good. People, so far, are staying because it is easy – like WoW. I’m not saying otherwise.

    I’m not claiming WoW for 95% of the game is hard. I do admit that Cata made the lower end game even easier – but it’s no easier than Rift’s low-level game.

    People wanted WoW to get harder and Blizzard made Heroics tougher than they have been (partly due to lack of content so making them easy would mean more people ‘complete’ WoW sooner – there was no real desire to cater to the desires of the playerbase here), the raids are a lot less forgiving and I think that’s helping drive people to Rift.

    I’m not suggesting it’s the only reason. Lack of high end content is another.People simply having had enough with the class changes is another. People having played WoW since it’s release and starting to look elsewhere is something I’m hearing as well.

    But that’s not what I’m talking about. 🙂

    “You and I are both old enough to remember when EQ was the top MMO and WoW came out and all the fights and arguments about how stupid WoW was; and that Adults played EQ and the kids played WoW becuase it was easy…

    Looking back, I find those arguments without merit. People played WoW because it was FUN. People left EQ because it became NOT FUN.”

    Yup, I was part of the “WoW is the MMO put out by Fisher-Price” crowd. At the time, I wanted a game with more substance to it than simply being about fun. Now that I’m older and have more responsibilities and can’t sink 20+ hours per week into a game, WoW fit. (Rift does as well)

    I don’t think they were without merit back then. The games were filling a different need. At those times we weren’t just looking for fun. I was looking for something engaging that would fill our time. Now? I’m looking for something fun that requires little effort because real life sucks all the life out of me so I just want to be entertained.

    Games like EQ were time fillers that were engaging and required dedication; it was a second job/life. Games like WoW and Rift are more like watching TV.

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