Coin Lock

Good on you, Trion.

Blizzard does something similar (if you don’t have an authenticator) only they don’t even let you log in until you address an email they send your registered email address. I like Coin Lock better.

Coin Lock

Users will be coin locked if they log in from a new or different location or computer. When their account is coin locked, they will be sent an email to the address that they have on their account (their login email) with a code to enter into the game.

Users will see the Coin Locked icon in the spot where their tutorial button shows up. Deactivating the tutorial tips will not turn off the Coin Locked button.

While in a Coin Locked status, users will have the following limitations:

  • No access to the auction house
  • No ability to SEND mail. Users can still receive and view mail as well as remove items from mail
  • No ability to SELL to vendors. Users can still purchase items from vendors
  • No ability to salvage, runebreak or destroy items
  • No ability to trade
  • Users can continue to play and gain coin and items, but cannot get rid of them.


If you are Coin Locked, simply click on the Coin Locked icon and enter the code found in your email from Trion.

You will only have to enter the code once for each computer at a given location. If you play from multiple locations, or on multiple computers, you will have to enter your code the first time you log in from each new location or computer.

If you log in and your account is coin locked, check your email! Someone may have logged in from another location with your account.

If you do not receive the email, please click on the Coin Locked icon and click the “Resend” button to have the email resent to you.

If you cannot access your email or you are otherwise unable to change your Coin Locked status, please contact Customer Service.

Remember! Security features work best when you have different passwords for the RIFT website, fan sites, each online game you play and your email!

That last bit is important. If your email address password is the same as the one for your Rift game and someone has hacked it? Heh. Your fault. Also consider where else you might use that address or password.

Still, it’d be nice if games didn’t make you use an email address as an account name. I’ve ranted about this before though.

4 thoughts on “Coin Lock

  1. I like this feature as well. Basically hackers can level my character, complete quests and make me gold. Nice!

  2. That’s a good point, didn’t think of it that way but yes they could log on to my character during the day and level me up.

  3. Now what they should do is give you, with the unlock code, a second code you can add to it. If you add the second code, it IP bans the last place to log into your account.

    So if you got yourself coin locked because you flew to a relative’s house and logged in there, no problem… you unlock yourself.

    But if you come home after work and you’re coinlocked and haven’t played since yesterday, you enter both codes and the last login to your account gets IP and client serial banned. maybe the whole class C, but certainly the 1 IP.

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