Not only did the movie have a great name, but Seth Rogen was the voice. That’s a big deal because I don’t really like Seth Rogen, but he was perfect for this role… where I didn’t have to see him.


I knew it was going to be good when it started with someone’s dog getting squished.

Not that I hate dogs, I love dogs, not in that way, but I do love dogs. It’s just the right, “OMG” kind of humor to open a movie. For the most part it continued through the movie, though it wasn’t only shock humor. Lots of slapstick mixed in and references to popular science fiction.


Not for kids because there was a bit of swearing in there. And if you’re a humorless, die-hard Christian then you might not want to see it.

Good stuff.

Go see it.

Several times.

Okay, maybe just once, but definitely buy it on Blu-Ray… or DVD.



One thought on “Paul!

  1. I liked it too. I am sure I missed some of the references; they did a good job of making a lot of them subtle enough that you didn’t have to get them all to follow the film. It had a lot of small things, like the country music version of the ‘cantina song’ that the band was playing when they walked into the bar. I don’t think I laughed as hard as for Hangover, but it was really good.

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