Dungeon Finder Queue Times Fixed?

I didn’t suffer the previous 40 minute queue time much as a DK Tank and only slightly as a Hunter from time to time but with me recent love affair with my Hunter, I’ve queued up a few times and the dungeons have popped pretty quickly.

I was running around doing some Twilight Highlands quests, queued up thinking it’d be awhile and had to cut a quest short to jump into a dungeon. Yesterday I popped into queue while doing some Tol Barad dailies. We had Baradin Hold I was doing the ones in there (undead wing) and the dungeon popped before I could complete those three undead quests – I hadn’t even started on the non-random quests.

Is it fixed? How long before tanks or healers get all the goodies or give up on them?

Another thought, does this prove that the average WoW player is greedy?

MM Huntering in 4.1

It is 4.1, right?

I switched one of my hunter’s specs from Beast Mastery to Marksman, leaving Survival around just in case. I always preferred MM but didn’t like that they switched the system from a rotation to a priority/proc system much like SV was. I never really was all that excited about SV either.

The results?

My DPS jumped up. A lot.

In a PUG Throne of Tides group, I was doing upwards of 15k DPS for single target boss fights. I had one where I hit 18k. Yeah, it’s a heroic so I don’t really count trash too much, but damn I was pleased with my DPS given my current gear (which is actually showing two upgrades I scored after ToT; epic ring and neck). I don’t pass the character audit – 3 enchants missing, I haven’t used my Chimera gems, I’m missing some tinker and no belt buckle. For SV I was doing roughly 2k less and didn’t hit 15k or18k unless I was spamming Multishot on large groups (though in those scenarios as SV I’d be over 18k, into 20k sometimes).

I then walked into Zul’Gurub with a guild group. Our main raid tank was playing DPS (Mike a.k.a. Babe), we had out top healer (UFTimmy the Cruel), a recently returned DPS (hai John – DKs really do has b-rez nao ;)), Babe’s girlfriend was tanking (hai Melissa) and I was DPSing. Yes, I said I walked in. We had to walk in because my item level was only 341 at the time so we couldn’t use the DF to pop in.

Let me stop and thank those folks for walking in knowing that I was below the item level. I wouldn’t say I was carried though UFTimmy would (hence “the Cruel”).

Back to the DPS jump. Overall (by the end of the ZG run, and it was long) I managed over 12k DPS and was second overall.

Now back to the instance – keeping up?

I have to admit I liked the instance – a lot. It was nice seeing a change in the fights, some of the mechanics, and having more mobility and responsibility. I suspect some of that was the class I was playing but I can comment that I liked that it was a big instance with lots of mobs, mini-bosses, and no real set path to do the bosses in.

I don’t know if we one shot anything, but we might have. I am having a hard time picking out a fight I didn’t like. If I had to pick one I’d have to say the panther one. It just felt too cramped down there. The toughest one we faced was Zanzil, mainly learning to see how many people needed to drink from which cauldrons and we were a little melee heavy so some fire oopses got us. Another time I ate the fire because my back was to Zanzil while trying to deal with the berserker spawn. I think that fight wasn’t as bad as it seemed, we were just getting tired because it was near the end.

Oh, we one shot the last boss for sure.

I have done a little bit of ZA as Smaken in SV mode, the DPS wasn’t as good (likely my failing) but we did manage to kill some bosses off before our healer (Babe) was burned out and we lost one of our DPS. We ended up doing Heroic FK (this was on Wednesday night) which was fun for our poor PUG healer.

Hunters looking to give MM a try should take a good look at what Frostheim has up over at Warcraft Hunter’s Union – it is good stuff.

I’m still sorting myself out over the targeting fix. I was used to it so I’ve been leveraging it effectively so now that it’s fixed, I have to remember to tab target or set up an assist macro. There were still several times I found myself without a target heh.

Good times!

Smooth Like Butter…

Butter is smooth like butter, not the 4.1 patch. That was bumpy. After extended maintenance there were several server reboots. Well one, but the instance servers kept having issues.

I expected a lot of addon breaks, though something like Recount exploding was a surprise. Also seemed to cause people to lag out – probably because of all the errors it was throwing. But addons aside, wow.

I pop in as Smaken, cycle through my pets watching as they silently auto-ding to 85. So unrewarding. Ah well. I puttered around closing all the various Swatter controlled addon bugs (eventually I disabled several; MSBT, Recount and SUF to name a few) as I did my dailies, checked my luck on some rare drop mounts from TBC (Ravenlord from Sethek Halls and the other bird from Magister’s Terrace). Things were fine.

I switched over to Kremus to do one of the new instances (Smaken’s ilevel is too low to get into those) but we ran into issues. Namely that the instance could not be found. Woo! After several attempts we gave up, I went and ate supper.

I got back and puttered around on Smaken some more – completing all my TB quests. I decided I’d stop slacking and get back to completing the Twilight Highlands zone on Smaken – that should open up more dailies – yay! (zzzz)

I got part way through when I got invited into a heroic group with some guildies (just some lowly members like the guild leader and another officer – no one special) so we queued up for a heroic. Got GB. Whee. Got to the first boss, wiped with the damn boss being a Kill Shot away from dying and me being the last one standing… with Kill Shot ticking away on cooldown… grrr. If I was Marksman I would have popped Readiness and beat it.

Healer DCed after that so we bailed and decided we’d try our luck again with the instance. This time we fielded a full guild group and went to the zone in and.. well, zoned into Zul’Gurub. That was met with more success.

We killed the first few mini-bosses and got up to the first boss. Only had one zonewide disconnect up to that point. It was a good one too. Some of us reappeared at our bind point, others appeared ungrouped in the instance then got teleported to the bind point and one actually appeared to discover he was dead.  We then struggled getting back into the zone.

You know there are problems with an instance when you see a ton of people hanging around outside the entrance of the zone.. or on the other side of the glowy portal.

Back to the first boss. It was that Venom Priest or something-or-rather. Very weird fight. He hits like a kitten, but has this channeled DoT which needs be interrupted. He also has a frontal cone attack that seems to insta-kill you if you get hit by it. Oh and while fighting him this green stuff flows across the floor making a maze. If you touch this green stuff you die. Kaput. Dead. At some point during the fight he’ll pop back up to his alter and create these beams of death that will chase a couple of players through the maze.

I think you can jump over the green part of the maze, but I wouldn’t suggest it unless it’s a last resort because if you miss, you die.

We managed to get it down after several attempts but had to call it there because our raid started.

Back over to Kremus, Blood Deathknight of Studly Face Pounding and off to BoT.

Trash was interesting. I think I was actually getting disarmed by some of them. That sort of sucks for a DK and I don’t remember it happening previously. Also, my runes seemed a little wonky with how they were refreshing. In some cases they didn’t seem to. Weird.

We step up to Halfus. It’s an easy combo. We decide I’ll tank Halfus while the other tank deals with the two drakes. Shadow Smite/Bite/Kite/DoDamageToTheRaid ability was up so I had to interrupt him.


Did I mention I ditched the Runic Power free Mind Freeze talents because it was also part of my Lichbourne spec? A spec that had the glyph nerfed and didn’t seem all that great after the changes? Yeah, I decided to spend those 7(ish) points elsewhere. Longer disease times, more damage… good, fun stuff.

Looks like I’ll have to switch back. Don’t tell UFTimmy though, because I’m doing my best to deny that I have to switch back. Oh wait, he reads this. No, I should be safe, it’s clearly too long for him to read through. Whew.

So we swapped tanks and two shotted Halfus (first attempt being a wipe because my RP cost requiring interrupt cost RP… and I didn’t have RP for it. I took the drakes and the other tank took Halfus. Win. Got the achievement too. And a Guild Challenge.

All sorts of win.

I had a brain fart moment on Valiona, namely during the set up. We had to juggle roles because it’s one tankable. I thought I’d DPS, other tank (offspec heals) would tank and we’d flip a DPS (Hai Jason!) to heals. That sorta didn’t make sense so someone suggested another change. What I heard was, Mike (other tank) heals, I DPS and you tank. Which was what Jason said only ‘you’ was me and ‘I’ was him. I didn’t flip around the you and I so I heard I’d DPS, the other tank would heal and the DPS (ele shaman) would tank.

Yes, I admit. I had beer.

That sorted out, it was a one shot and almost a two-heal (I think?) because we lost Tim pretty early on. I was impressed that we only faced Theralon once, usually we see him twice and there is a messy phase switch because we get a blackout while Theralon is dropping his balls on us.

Speaking of two heals, we two healed our way through the earlier fights in BWD on Sunday. It was nice to have extra DPS.

Two tank pieces dropped. I picked up a bracer (had more STR which helps parry and replaced an expertise/mastery secondary with parry/mastery). I asked our back up tank if he wanted it but he was fine with the Ramkahet rep ones (which I had). The other tank piece was the awesome trinket. I still had priority over the other tank but passed on it because it wouldn’t make sense to snag it while I’m hoping to ramp up Smaken for a DPS spot.

Don’t tell the other DPS, they’ll be scared.

I’m still a ways off though. As noted above, Smaken’s ilevel is too low for the newer heroics and he’s into the older ones mainly because I bought my way in with PVP gear. Still lots of rep to work on and even tradeskills.

Summer Boredom

Summer is around the corner and I’m already feeling a dwindling interest in MMORPGs. I’ve been feeling it for a while now but I do find the odd glimmer of amusement by still playing here and there. Admittedly, it’s more fun playing with someone else… so why is everything now available to solo players?

For WoW, I’ve been mainly raiding or running old heroic instances hoping for a rare mount/pet to drop. I did have some fun a few weeks back when I started a Warlock and was working my way through the revamped content. It seems I’ve done the Worgen and Goblin starter areas then motivation has died off. My motivation for the Warlock was catching up to the LBO who is into Westfall and really enjoying the storyline. Unfortunately, he’s put that aside for quite some time now with his focus mostly being on playing Minecraft with a kid from up the street.

I can’t bring myself to play a new character for a number of reasons. I’ve been through it, whether the content is new or not, I’ve killed enough murlocs, gnolls, pigmen and stuff in my time playing WoW. It doesn’t bring me any satisfaction or joy. I know the way there and I know I can do it but there is no motivation to do so. I think that’s a de-motivator – I know I can easily do it so I don’t feel a need to do so.

I haven’t played much of anything outside of WoW. A little bit of Warhammer 40k: Dawn of War 2 – Chaos Rising (yeah, that’s a mouthful) but I haven’t gotten too far into it yet. I think I’m about four or five missions in. I just unlocked my Terminator armor, which I love. I admit I like the single player of this game but don’t like the multiplayer or custom game options. I miss the base/unit building from the first DoW. I found it much more enjoyable. I especially enjoyed Conquest-type modes that showed up late in the DoW series.

I’ll end up playing some more of that single player.

I had Portal (the first one) gifted to me. I didn’t realize how short it was. Definitely fun, but short. I’m reluctant to pick up Portal 2 because it seems short as well, though not as short as the first one (which takes a couple of hours at worst).

I poked around Steam a little last night and downloaded the demo for Dungeons. It looked like a Dungeon Keeper type of game but it wasn’t quite as customizable as that. The dungeons appear to be predefined, though you can have minions make some changes for you. It didn’t do anything for me so I uninstalled.

I eyeballed Two Worlds 2 but without a demo I don’t know that I’ll try it.

I do still have several games to complete: Dragon Age 1, Divinity 2, Overlord 1 and Overlord 2. Maybe I’ll work on those some.

Still, none of those scratch the itch that is wanting a shared, challenging and memorable experience with friends.

The Sound of Choking…

Vancouver Canucks. 3-0 series lead dropped to a 3-3 series tie.

And a little gagging come from the Buffalo Sabers too, but not as loudly.

Of course, I’m doing my best to avoid mentioning the 8-2 drubbing the Pittsburgh Penguins ate on Saturday.

RoT: Because You Wanted to Know

A bunch of random bits since I’ve been lax with the updates.

Salt and pepper, boxer-briefs.

I’m going for the Penguins in the East and the Canucks in the West.

WoW guild is 8/12 on regular mode bosses; Magmaw, Omintron, Maloriak, Atramedes, Chimaeron, Halfus,Valiona and Conclave of Winds all down. We’ve started to rotate extending lock outs. One week we extend BWD and reset BOT then the next week we extend BOT and reset BWD. Working on Council in BoT. Downed Halfus on his tougher combination – involved three tanks. Craziest raid involved PUGing six people – yes, I said ‘six’ (6). Only people present were the guild leader, two officers and an advisor – it went well, we downed 4-5 bosses.

The more and more I read about guilds having problems with Cata raids, the more I realize just how good we are and how good are raid leaders are at keeping things as simple as possible. Honestly, one of the most common thing we hear from PUGs who apply is that they like how our raids are run.

I ran a raid. Hated it. I like attention, but not authority. Don’t want it. Get enough of it at work.

Love for Mike and Dennis as raid leaders. Love for Mike and Jason in picking out PUGs. Love for Jason recruiting. But I’m going to keep heckling. I can’t help it.

I need to say ‘no’ more.


Yes. Err. No.


I set up a Minecraft server locally (as in my home LAN kind of local). The boys like playing it and love spawning stuff. Opened a port for the kid down the street to also play on it. I thought I’d work on an area away from where they were creating large holes in the world with TNT and spawning gaudy building materials so I created a house up on an earth/stone pillar – I was hollowing it out and creating some mob prevention). Was going good.

Then LBO blew it up with TNT while I was off doing something with TheWife (watching TV…).

I cried.

Not really.

But I was annoyed and saddened. I deop’ed them for a few hours as a punishment. LBO, having played on a server where he can’t spawn stuff or teleport around wasn’t too impacted by it, but you’d have thought I crippled the kid down the street. “Awww, but spawning is the fun part!”

Later they planted TNT in LLO’s house. He figured out what was being done so he didn’t set it off but before he could ask me to come sort it out, the kid down the street set it off.

LLO cried.


I wasn’t pleased. LBO didn’t do it and the kid down the street didn’t realize LLO would be so sensitive about it (LLO was tired) and apologized. I quickly rebuilt a house for LLO.

Achievements were added to Minecraft and weather too. Seems stuff also spawns in your house now if your bed is close enough to an external wall. I’m a little hazy on this. Weather was neat, though the rain continues underwater. And LBO already has all the achievements. I’m missing the one where you ride a pig off a cliff. The one for the mine cart riding took awhile to set up but it was a team effort between myself and LBO. That includes my only death during the construction of the 1km long railway; I stepped up near the lava and LBO bumped me in. Team effort.

Played some Super Mario Smash Bros Brawl (I think it’s called?) with LLO. That game makes little sense to me. Being the type that enjoys figuring out systems and mechanics for games on an intuitive level (I don’t need to bother with the precise mathematics of it.. but I can). I soon discovered the complex scoring system in that game consisted of: mash buttons – mindlessly seems to yield decent results.

I kid. Mostly. I’ll have to read the instructions for a better idea of what is what.

LBO caught the tail end of Oceans 11 and he liked it. I’m scared.

Not Dead Yet

I just had a wicked flu or something but I’m feeling better. Just the sniffles and some sinus congestion.

Over the break I managed to watch the final season of 24. Good stuff though I don’t know that I liked the ending so much. Jack Bauer sort of loses it a little too much. I also thought the President flipped and cast aside her principles too quickly. And to leave it with Jack being hunted?Sort of meh.

Though  there was talk of a ‘feature length film’ for 24 so they could have left it there for the sake of that. Still, rather unsatisfying. After all he’s done and gone through, you want him to have a happy ending. No, not that kind.

Ah well. I certainly enjoyed the series.

Now what do I watch?