My Bad…s… Bads.

Have you ever come to sudden realization that something happened or why something happened? Well, I realized a few things last night when I was having a particularly off night for raiding.

I spoiled what could easily have been a one-shot of Magmaw. I couldn’t figure out why I was thrown from him back but realized this morning my push to talk and dismount button (when Bartender flips to vehicle mode) are the same key. I really need to move my Vent push to talk so that it’s not sitting on the button slot that is usually dismount when in vehicles. Also if you dismount off Magmaw’s back you can’t get back on to chain him down.

My bad 1.

My next screw up was with Omnitrons. I ran one of the ‘trons who was shielded through the poison cloud. To be fair, it popped up right under me and I was half way through it. Boom went the shield, boom went the raid. Taunt went the DK (me) and incoming went Toxitron who wasn’t my assignment. I hit ESC to turn autoattack off and it also cleared my target so when I hit taunt it picked the first target in front of me. My ‘tron was behind me because I was scuttling back to get into heal range.

My so bad 2.

Both of those were two shots but could have easily been one shots.

We downed Maloriak without issue.

Then I flipped over to DPS for Atramedes (after clearing trash). I’m pretty sure I didn’t have UnholyAura up for the first attempt… maybe the second or third too. I thought I’d be helpful (as the only melee) and stand on the other side of the dragon from the ranged/healers. This way if I was targeted for the fire, no one would have to move and I could probably lure some of the sonic discs in my direction making dodging them easier for the others.

But I was out of heal range.

Bad 3 and 4.

We had several attempts on Atramedes but he kept burning us in the air phases. We don’t have a lot of classes with speed increase abilities and the few we do, didn’t get targeted for the air phase. The second target was simple enough, he could bubble or get yanked over a short distance by our Priest. We sorted that out as best we could and got a couple of good attempts on him.

We decided on one more attempt even though we were over the raid time limit. I figured that’d be a good time to adjust my keybinds for my Unholy spec to reflect what I had with Rift (commonly used attacks on my left and right side buttons)… only I put the buttons in the wrong spot. Instead of left and right side buttons, I put them in right and middle button which was so totally alien for my brain at that time of night… or morning.

I only discovered this during the fight and didn’t really have a second to make adjustments heh. Despite that, we got him down to about one million – maybe lower so we were pretty damn close.

My bad 5.

Not the best night for me but we still got stuff dead.




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