My bads. I fixed my bads not that other thing *snipping gesture*.

Tuesday night we took down Atramedes and then Chimaeron so we’re now 8/12 leaving only the big dude in Conclave of Winds, Nefarion in Blackwing Descent and two fights in Bastion of Twilight (Council and Cho’gall). We decided to extend the lockout on BWD so we could take a serious run at Atramedes – nine attempts later we got him down; two of the wipes were gong timing issues the rest seemed to be death by awareness mostly (as in sound meters getting too high, people getting smoked by the air phase breath – most of us had the sonic breath down).

Chimaeron took three or four. That was a bizarre fight. I wasn’t totally functional for it as I had a head cold setting in, but that was probably for the better because I couldn’t over think it. Just do. That fight made me happy I wasn’t playing a healer, I used to get nightmares about health bars dropping back in the EQ days where I was raiding as a Cleric. For some reason I got stuck with the squishy DPS group most of the time.

“Fab, you’re in with the five rogues, keep them alive, k?”


The days of 72 man raids!

It’s funny how many strats in EQ involved facing the boss into a wall or corner while everyone else beat on it. I’m really happy with the variation in WoW raid encounters – much better.

Good times!



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