I Want it Now.

Can someone explain why it takes five minutes for my Outlook 2010 to start up while my mobile phone’s email client is nearly instant?

Think about it a bit.

I’ve got a laptop that has better specs than the Samsung Galaxy S phone I have but it takes longer than the phone. Some of you might think that’s apples to oranges but the reality is it’s a valid comparison. The same developers are writing code for both, often using the same logic and algorithms.

Okay, some answers.

  1. The phone has a limited working set (GUI, APIs, etc.) so it loads faster
  2. The phone app does less than Outlook does so it can be smaller and faster
  3. The phone isn’t as fast a device so developers have to write tighter code
  4. Phone apps are new so the feature set isn’t as big as long standing desktop software
  5. Desktops tend to be running multiple other applications behind the scenes which reduces available resources (looking at my system tray I’ve got Outlook, Trillian, Onenote, Anti-virus, and Hard drive encryption items there – if I looked at my Task Manager it’s even worse; I’m not going to bother counting, but there are well over 50 processes running)


That makes me wonder what there is in Outlook 2010 that I actually need? Do I need more than a calendar and mail client? Not really. Does it give me more? Yeah, but I barely use it. Do I really need Word 2010 to load up so I can have rich text email? Do I need any of the other nine addons it loads up? About five minutes to load – not even load and synch, just load!

It seems desktop apps try to be too many things instead of focusing on one aspect like phone apps do.

That makes me think, what’s the worst thing that could happen to mobile devices?

They get more powerful.

The more powerful they get, the more people are going to try to jam into them eventually causing slow downs as that email app now also loads a word processor so you can compose email with rich text (or html) capabilities. That or developers are going to get sloppy because now they can have the improved hardware compensate for their inefficiencies.

Any guess on how long it’s going to take?


2 thoughts on “I Want it Now.

  1. Check if journaling is turned on. Consider turning it off if it is.

    Make sure you’re not storing stuff on network drives… a slow network drive can mean a slow outlook. Particularly if you’re journaling to a network drive 🙂

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