Getting Into It

LBO is getting into his Hunter. No, not the Goblin one, but the Human one he created. I decided to ditch my gnome Warlock alt and restart it as a Human Warlock so I could go through the new Human area and catch up to him – he was already starting Westfall.

By the end of the evening, I had almost caught up to LBO (his Hunter is level 16 or 17 while my Warlock is level 15) and we stopped in Westfall and I think he’s just about done that area.

Through the Westfall quests there is this mysterious, shadow lady that convinces an ogre, goblin, etc. to join her. She then gets some hungry Westfall residents to join her, starting up the Defias again. LBO was doing some quest where he saw the downfall of VanCleef and then the Jango/Boba Fett moment where Vanessa came out after the party that killed VanCleef left (the Hunter in that group totally sucked btw).

It totally sucked him into the game. He was talking about it all the way up to his shower, through his shower and while he was getting dressed.

He’s even making plans that I can run him through there with Kremus and he’ll run me through there with his Paladin. I suggested we could try doing it within a regular group and he was pretty excited about that.

Not all of the quests in Elwynn Forest have changed, just most of the starting ones and the start/finish of some of the ones in Goldshire changed. Westfall is pretty different, though I do see some of the same quests in a different fashion.

I used to dread Westfall. I had spent so much time there leveling various Human characters and loads of time waiting on that damn Defias scout. I’m happy it has changed.

I’d actually like to see it grow some more over the next patches or expansions. It’s nice to see the world change and places that under construction for years, finally get finished heh.


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