Halfus Hurt

There are a couple of combos of drakes you get with Halfus that really suck – mainly the haste and mortal strike givers and almost anything else after that. It has blocked us in the past, but this time around we beat it (Nether Drake, Slate Drake and Storm Drake up).

The trick?


Lots of cookies.

With raisins, drakes love raisins. If you have fresh cookies with raisins, you can remove the charm effect Halfus puts on them after you release them. It’s what he uses to convert them, raisin cookies, but his aren’t too fresh so they like your (fresher) cookies better.

Who thinks of this stuff?

The truth is we had our boomkin go feral and we used a third tank to help ping pong Halfus between the other two tanks. This allowed us to have the stacks of mortal strike drop off before getting too high.

Mortal Strike type abilities reduce the effective healing on the target by a % and increase the damage taken. Halfus has a 30 second one that refreshes each time a new stack is put on. With the haste drake up, he puts those stacks onto a tank really fast. With the tanks also tanking drakes, it means for a pretty quick wipe.

We tried ping ponging with just two tanks but it wasn’t quite enough. The third tank made it much easier. Another thought was to use a Hunter to buy us time but it was easier just having the third tank.

Valiona took a few attempts before we swapped in a Ret Pally to help out. Short of myself (the tank) there were no melee types so we had people standing with me during the Theralon phase. Got them down on the second attempt after that.

With all the trash that is in that zone, that was about all we got done.


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