I managed to stay up to watch Castle last night, or rather I watched House, Chuck then started the recording of Castle from the beginning then watched Hawaii Five-O.

Castle is really pushing the bounds of the Castle/Beckett relationship. I suspect it’ll crack soon and there will be something big that happens that pushes them back apart. He actually admitted he was jealous, not of the heart surgeon boyfriend (who is clearly doing more than just interviewing her), but the new, up and coming mystery author spending time with Beckett.

One of the better lines in the show yesterday (and there were several good ones), “Know what I did after I wrote my first book? I shut up and wrote 23 more.” That was during the mystery writers poker game, one of the older writers to the new writer that was stealing Castle’s muse.

Too funny.

I didn’t get the murderer on this episode, though I probably should have. The evidence came out pretty early and the mention of the red herring being a red herring was a red herring. Nice.

Love it. I’ll even say the situation was cute.

House was pretty good, Olivia Wilde is back after filming with Tron (I’m guessing) and there is some ethical surgery being performed. I didn’t get a chance to figure out what she did before House blurted it out. It came out quick but I did manage to piece it together as soon as House pointed out she had a sibling.

Chuck was Chuck. Fun to watch and humorous – Casey and Morgan having breakfast was win. That’s actually an interesting pairing for humor. The show sort of reminds of Get Smart, sort of.

Hawaii Five-O was decent, though the main character is a bit campy. I think he’s good, but some of the scenes remind me of this kid I went to high school with. You know the type, can’t simply point in a direction when asked which way, he has to flex a little and show off how much of a man he is. He’s always prepared and it seems to make him less human – even after breaking his arm he fashions a splint out of what was available and climbs up with one hand – admittedly Danno is pulling him up some more.

That show makes me want to go to Hawaii, very badly. I’m happy they show a lot of scenery and I don’t mean hot woman (though that does help). The fly over and scene sweeps are beautiful. I really think that might be the location of the next family trip.

Good TV night.

2 thoughts on “Cute

  1. Rumours are spreading that a character on Castle will be killed off in the season finale – someone who’s been with the show from the beginning.

    My bet?

    Castle’s mom. It’ll bring Becket & Castle closer, create some good drama for the father/daughter relationship.

  2. I did not know that. The mother makes sense and I’m not really sure how much more they can do with that character.

    I hope it’s not Ryan or Javier. Those two kill me.

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