Your EQII account has been activated for 7 days‏!


Okay, I give them credit for implementing flying mounts. Something that WoW has had for two expansions (maybe and a half in there) and even failing games (like Vanguard) have had since release.

My first thought was, “Meh. I can’t go back to EQ2. I liked it way back when, but it doesn’t interest me now.” Really, through no failing of its own. It’s a good enough game, I just lose enjoyment of it after a month or two of playing it. Some of that comes from disliking the fact that things are zoned and these zones don’t feel as big as the ones in EQ1. Also, I’ve created a bunch of characters and leveled through the starting experiences several times. Qeynos, Freeport, Neriak, EoF, RoK and even did a trial of the Velious starting area when that was available. I get to a point (usually DoF content) and I lose interest. On the rare occasion I hit KoS content and lose interest again.

Meh. It’s not doing anything for me.

My second thought was, “How will this work in a seamed world? You know, where you have to hit a zone line and pop over to another zone rather than just fly over the rocks separating Commonlands from Nektulos Forest?”

Again, I think the small zones sort of kill this. On the bright side, you’ll be able to fly up and over some things that previously blocked you in some zones.

I see they’re giving away XP Potions – I already had a ton of them stashed away from length of subscription rewards so not really a motivator.

Nope, not going to do it.

And NO, you cannot have my stuff.


One thought on “Your EQII account has been activated for 7 days‏!

  1. On the verge of even more server merges, Sony introduces Flying Mounts? my god. I wonder if that’s for all the loyal players over the years — because I think most people, like you and I, who have played and left have no interest in going back.

    This game is done. Stop wasting time on continuing development and pour some resources into Everquest III

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