Dungeon Finder Queue Times Fixed?

I didn’t suffer the previous 40 minute queue time much as a DK Tank and only slightly as a Hunter from time to time but with me recent love affair with my Hunter, I’ve queued up a few times and the dungeons have popped pretty quickly.

I was running around doing some Twilight Highlands quests, queued up thinking it’d be awhile and had to cut a quest short to jump into a dungeon. Yesterday I popped into queue while doing some Tol Barad dailies. We had Baradin Hold I was doing the ones in there (undead wing) and the dungeon popped before I could complete those three undead quests – I hadn’t even started on the non-random quests.

Is it fixed? How long before tanks or healers get all the goodies or give up on them?

Another thought, does this prove that the average WoW player is greedy?


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