MM Huntering in 4.1

It is 4.1, right?

I switched one of my hunter’s specs from Beast Mastery to Marksman, leaving Survival around just in case. I always preferred MM but didn’t like that they switched the system from a rotation to a priority/proc system much like SV was. I never really was all that excited about SV either.

The results?

My DPS jumped up. A lot.

In a PUG Throne of Tides group, I was doing upwards of 15k DPS for single target boss fights. I had one where I hit 18k. Yeah, it’s a heroic so I don’t really count trash too much, but damn I was pleased with my DPS given my current gear (which is actually showing two upgrades I scored after ToT; epic ring and neck). I don’t pass the character audit – 3 enchants missing, I haven’t used my Chimera gems, I’m missing some tinker and no belt buckle. For SV I was doing roughly 2k less and didn’t hit 15k or18k unless I was spamming Multishot on large groups (though in those scenarios as SV I’d be over 18k, into 20k sometimes).

I then walked into Zul’Gurub with a guild group. Our main raid tank was playing DPS (Mike a.k.a. Babe), we had out top healer (UFTimmy the Cruel), a recently returned DPS (hai John – DKs really do has b-rez nao ;)), Babe’s girlfriend was tanking (hai Melissa) and I was DPSing. Yes, I said I walked in. We had to walk in because my item level was only 341 at the time so we couldn’t use the DF to pop in.

Let me stop and thank those folks for walking in knowing that I was below the item level. I wouldn’t say I was carried though UFTimmy would (hence “the Cruel”).

Back to the DPS jump. Overall (by the end of the ZG run, and it was long) I managed over 12k DPS and was second overall.

Now back to the instance – keeping up?

I have to admit I liked the instance – a lot. It was nice seeing a change in the fights, some of the mechanics, and having more mobility and responsibility. I suspect some of that was the class I was playing but I can comment that I liked that it was a big instance with lots of mobs, mini-bosses, and no real set path to do the bosses in.

I don’t know if we one shot anything, but we might have. I am having a hard time picking out a fight I didn’t like. If I had to pick one I’d have to say the panther one. It just felt too cramped down there. The toughest one we faced was Zanzil, mainly learning to see how many people needed to drink from which cauldrons and we were a little melee heavy so some fire oopses got us. Another time I ate the fire because my back was to Zanzil while trying to deal with the berserker spawn. I think that fight wasn’t as bad as it seemed, we were just getting tired because it was near the end.

Oh, we one shot the last boss for sure.

I have done a little bit of ZA as Smaken in SV mode, the DPS wasn’t as good (likely my failing) but we did manage to kill some bosses off before our healer (Babe) was burned out and we lost one of our DPS. We ended up doing Heroic FK (this was on Wednesday night) which was fun for our poor PUG healer.

Hunters looking to give MM a try should take a good look at what Frostheim has up over at Warcraft Hunter’s Union – it is good stuff.

I’m still sorting myself out over the targeting fix. I was used to it so I’ve been leveraging it effectively so now that it’s fixed, I have to remember to tab target or set up an assist macro. There were still several times I found myself without a target heh.

Good times!


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