2011 Results

Conservative majority government, large NDP opposition party, devastated Liberal party and a vastly diminished Bloc presence (thanks to the NDP).

Thank you Quebec for collectively taking your heads out of your asses and actually voting for a Federal Party. I’m happy you’ve realized that voting Bloc really doesn’t further any agenda – not even your own. For all the passion and pride Duceppe had for Quebec, he was unable to do anything with the limited number of seats.

I am a bit disappointed that there is a majority, but it’ll save us from having another election in short time.

Message sent to the Liberals?

There are a number of interpretations.

1. Stop fucking us around with elections every couple of years. It’s clear you had a new front man and wanted to try again to see if he would be able to win it for you. (Yes, I realize there were other issues)

2. We don’t want arrogant people for our leaders. Be respectful – “neener neener” is not something we expect one Canadian leader to say to another. I don’t know how much Ignatief’s dismissal of Jack Layton and NDP during the debate hurt them. I do remember how devastated the PC Party was after mocking Cretien occurred.

There are probably a few others that I’m too tired to mention because I was up watching the results and waiting for Harper’s speech.

For the record, I didn’t vote Conservative. I voted for a party despite being in a riding that has voted Conservative several years in a row.

I have to agree with some of what Ken says over here.

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